Halloween Idea Inspired By bar trolley

When it comes to the decoration of many festivals throughout the year, we are no stranger. Let our homes be as festive as possible. Given our excessive enthusiasm, we just couldn’t help celebrating. This time of year is usually about Jack O’lantern decor, dim lights and creepy cobwebs. On Halloween this year, we decided to extend our holiday decorations to all corners. Our home, including a creepy cloak, followed by this creepy bar cart. This may sound surprising, but there are more prosody and reasons for this setting. In our latest photo, our friend Rachel (rachel of bonjour f è te and “but first, party” (not first) ‘s royalty! Give us some useful advice and do some rescheduling to create the perfect Halloween episode. We even recycled some decorations, and we used Halloween cloaks in this article. From rosy gold-dripped pumpkins to pop, with a flamboyant velvet accent and pearls, the barcart looks ready for autumn Christmas presents. If you want to copy a similar barrow in your home, keep rolling to hear what Rachel and Royal need to do. Speaking of the perfect horror scene.

Add some height. 

When the goal is perfectly set, be sure to play high. For the bar cart mentioned above, Rachel and Atterre suggest piling up pumpkins and putting some delicious food on the cake stand to give more room. The bar car is incomplete without wine, so the scene needs some mismatched bottles to add to Halloween’s beauty.

Pick a color scheme. 

If you look at this article, you will know that this year we hosted a very gemstone Halloween on the site. One way to really set the atmosphere for your bar is to choose a color scheme and run with it. We like the luxurious velvet of orange pumpkins and make sure to add more vintage tones to it. Don’t do this. We were wrong. We liked the classic black and orange Halloween, but never looked so fashionable.

More is more. 

On the lc team, we think the motto for 2017 is “more is more.” Nevertheless, we added holiday elements until we felt that our design was complete. For us, it means a lot of pumpkins, some fallen leaves, our favorite plants, and even one or two candies.

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