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Top Tips for a Smooth, Sculpted Shapewear Look

Many women want to smooth out lumps while adding contour to their bodies. For anyone who wants to look slimmer, curvier, and fitter, then shapewear is a must-have. The modern shapewear today is breathable, soft, and feels like a hug. It is just like lingerie but offers more support. These foundation garment are not only for special occasions. They can be worn every day, when exercising to work, or even to relax at home.

Good Shapewear Hacks To Know

Whether it is your first time wearing shapewear or are looking for the best shapewear for your tummy to replace an existing one, here are 10 hacks on how to get a smooth and sculpted look so that you can feel comfortable and look great at the same time.

1. Choose shapewear according to your body shape

Female body shapes fall into 4 categories and they are apple, pear, hourglass, or triangle.

Apple’s body shape usually carries all the weight in the tummy. An underbust body shaper or high-waisted shorts that offer double-layer tummy shaping for the midsection are perfect. It will hold everything firmly in place and won’t roll down.

A pear-shaped body is when the hip measurement is larger than the bust. The firm control of a pair of shaping panties or shorts will be able to help in smoothing and sculpting the lower torso and hips.

Hourglass body shape is described as the ideal body shape where the hip and bust measurements are close to equal and a smaller waist. You would need shapewear to smooth and define the curves that you already have such as all-over shaping bodysuits that smooth everything while slimming the waist and lifting the derriere.

Triangle body shape is when the shoulders and bust are wider than the hips. For this body type, it is best to balance out the broader torso by enhancing the bottom. A high-waisted shaper pants or butt lifter will cinch the waist and lift the buttocks for a balance figure.

2. Select the shapewear according to your outfit

This is another important step in choosing a shapewear. These undergarments come in many different styles. What you will be wearing with your shapewear has an important effect on your final look. If you plan to wear a strapless dress, then a pair high high-waisted shaper shorts is perfect for sculpting and won’t ruin your outfit. Pair your shapewear with clothes that draw attention to your best assets and conceal the trouble spots.

3. Choosing the right size

Ideally, you should choose your actual dress size and avoid sizing down or up to prevent any bulges that will also make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Make sure the shapewear fits

When it comes to how comfortable a shapewear is, as well as how effective it is, wearing garments that fit makes a big difference. Remember to take your measurements of your bust, waist, and hips with a measuring tape. Pull the tape firmly, but without tugging or stretching over the desired area. Once you get your measurements, check the sizing chart for your shapewear.

5. Picking the best color

Shapewear comes in a variety of shades. For light to olive skin, shapewear in nude or ivory is perfect. For those with darker skin tones, black or brown is a better option.

6. Boost your look with waist cincher 

You can enhance your curves with a waist cincher that looks like a belt. It will define your waistline and enhance your curves. A waist cincher also has flexible boning that provides comfort and support, as well as firm tummy control.

7. Give your booty a boost 

If you want to enhance your body shape, you can try a butt lifting shapewear that will add volume to your derriere at the same time, flattening the tummy area.

8. Pick a suitable fabric 

For shapewear, you may need to consider the fabric it is made of so that you are comfortable wearing it. Ensure that you are choosing a shapewear that is suitable for the season, weather, and your skin.

9. If you want to wear your bra 

If you want more support or prefer to wear your favorite bra, then an open-bust shapewear is the perfect choice. This body shaper combines comfort with a perfect fit because you get to choose what bra to wear while still getting the best result of having shapewear on.

10. Avoid Under Bra Bulge

If you want to get rid of the unsightly bulge under the bra and the back, then a full bodysuit-is the best choice. It takes care of several trouble areas in one simple piece. A shapewear bodysuit will not only lift the bust and smoothen the bra bulge, but it also smooths the midsection and controls the hips. Some bodysuits are mid-thigh and can help to slim the thighs too.

With these shapewear hacks for a smooth and sculpted look, you can feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time. It will also help you to achieve your shaping goals.

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