6 beautiful Gothic icon who ooze Halloween Costumes inspiration

Chelsea Wolf


What about the apocalyptic ballad singer Chelsea Wolfe’s dreamy Gothic style, surprising modernity?. It was living in her drab brown hair, cluttered with her eyes, dimly lit with charcoal and lips. Wolf, this all the way north to Broolyn sort. This is because Wolf, a subject of the Vitoria shirt, does not contradict the minimalist Scandinavia leather jacket; nor is it her melodious music that treats black metal, industry, folk custom, and drones. “When it’s all together,” she cried, desperately facing the receiver until your hair stood on end.

Nina Hagen


In some circles, known as “punk godmother”, the German new wave singer is always equally fanatical and advanced. Forget her (super strange, but still dance) 15 record record, let’s only focus on how she looks at every choice that seems to wholesale halloween costumes┬áhave gone through millions of people. Pink hair and black lipstick? Over there, 70s. Tribal print headband and contour blush? Yes, 1982. Cut the barbed magenta hair? Girl, she died at the age of 1983. Pat Benatar, head of Siouxsie Sioux’s hair neat graphics lining, Madonna blond ambition era, high ponytail, Uma Thurman’s pulp fiction China doll Bob, Katy Perry black bangs and braid she do first. (in German).



Sometimes artists are so exist that people do not know what to do except for standing, that is, the soprano and pianist of opera training, diamanda is strange. When she was 14 years old, she performed solo for the first time in the Santiago Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven’s first piano concerto. Since then, her music has developed into a complex, schizophrenic mash up nightclub, jazz, gospel, whether snoring, screaming, screaming, constitutes hell. The party only horror film terrible voice is ideal, so the sound her contribution to the horrors of the magic, Bram Storck Dracula, and Lord of illusion. Like her song, her make-up, different from the smallest explosive drag, but not her trademark, the sea witch hair is always very dark and has a forward fall, like in the ring Samara.

Diane Pernet


No one rock signature looks like a shady Diane Ms. Pernet, a former New York designer who fled to Paris in the 90s of the last century, is an online French Elle fashion reporter. In 2005, she started her own cult fashion blog – one of the earliest fashions. Always wear black clothes from her veil, she dress the spire of the honeycomb skirt, she put a chic, ghostly shadow on the earth. Recorders and critics have also created an international film contest featuring fashion, film and fashion themes, including competitors such as Ellen, von, Unwerth and RANKIN. She works in the fashion 500 Hall of fame and even has her own perfume line. The witch could do nothing but wear a pair of jeans in public.

Kat Von D


It may look like a tattoo artist Kat Von D came to the scene, when she was more than 20 years old, but when we fell in love with her in Miami TLC ink and LA ink, she has her unique black and white portrait of the age of 16 she dropped out of school professional tattoo. Her raw material, the secret of rock street appearance, is… Authenticity. After all, she had her teeth torn T-shirts and low waist pants of Sunset Strip, said her make-up aesthetics is like “I want to go to a super luxurious funeral.” Now, she has her own store, known as high voltage tattoos, and a very successful, cruel no makeup line, will soon launch a new vegetarian cosmetic brush. Aren’t they too shabby and funny looking, wacky girls?

Dita Von Teese


There were strippers, and Dita Vantes, whose vanity fair had been called “funny Merrill Streep.””. She is senior, takes funny, is credited with promotion, bump-n-grind becomes more skillful for Louboutin heels, no.. A blonde named Heather Sweet, created the femme fatale volunteered to go to the dark side in the retro, sculpture, black wave, gently eyeliner, blood red lips (perhaps 2015 of the limited MAC Teese red lipstick, called Von, is). More evidence: in 90s the idol tightlacer bras, she took her 16 inch waist, her blue purple dress married Marilyn Manson Vivienne Westwood (divorced), and the Mark eye is actually a tattoo. Every Halloween, she wears a “ordinary girl” clothing.

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