6 knockoff Halloween costumes that will make you raise an eyebrow

It is not easy to find suitable clothing for Halloween, especially when retailers do not always have to pay official licensing fees. In order to enter the spirit (pun), here is the 2016 best boots and unlicensed Halloween costumes comprehensive report.

While the latest trend of clothing tends to dominate the trend of radio waves – most of this year is superhero movies and weird politics – we try to make sure that this list is for everyone. Of course, there are some commendable superheroes and some costumes that may be general political intentions, but in fact are caught in a nightmare. However, the 2016 clothing catalog also provides a return to the 90’s, poor thoughts of late celebrities, shouts to online horror films, and any “hell of the teenage anime fighter”. It is a rich tapestry, woven from the most purely WTF, and a middle finger to the local copyright attorney.

In order to include it in this list, all the clothing must be easy to identify, without any explanation what needs the official brand or franchise. They also have to pass a basic offensive test, so there is no mark as “sexy [insert cultural construction here]” within a thousand miles of this list. Fortunately, these standards still have a lot of work to do, below you will see.

Purple fashion clothing

This year there are a lot of out of the prince’s clothing. In this many purple pain pop music dress, in addition to unfavorable pun, there are hope that there is no hope that the terrible taste, has risen to the top. Tip: Do not put the word “pain” in a dress based on painkillers who die.


To the “no matter what time” and “As but!” This classic tone, once again let the young man from the movie “Notionless” stand out, the company also sold a called “predecessor wig” Prince hair Folder, summed up their commitment to the overall attitude of things

Dragon and adult brutal warrior’s mother

All these are not Daenerys-Targaryen’s costumes are hard work, but eventually there are two outstanding manifestations. One of the left, the mother of the dragon, in some way was identified as Danny’s knockout, although with any of the things that have been worn almost no similarities, but worth noting. (Sometimes she wears blue clothes, that’s it). Right-hand clothing, adult barbarian warrior, may mean being at Ves Dothrak’s Dany, but there is a feeling like a manufacturer out of adult child’s description of her what is no Googling its own show.

Rebellious and sexy death assassin

The other two, this time Marvel’s motormoutered mercenary lady Rebellious, a.k.a. Sexy death assassin. I’m actually digging “rebellious”, which sounds like a very important female rapper’s stage name. Sexy Death Assassin just sounds good. Is she sexy in her life, then she’s dead? Does she feel sexy because of death? Anyway, hate.

American sexy captain

Taking into account the US captain: the civil war is one of the 2016 superhero movie, if there is no American sexy captain, our list will not be completed. The costume was probably inspired by the American captain had to pause some of the movie in the middle of the fight, pulled his tights out of his ass and dealt with chest sweat from his clothes that could not breathe the fabric.

Misfit Hipster

Grand Final: Harley Quinn, from this year’s other large super super hero event, suicide team. Or, Misfit Hipster, who was before the murder was cool. The first person she killed was an obscure inhabitant of Gotham’s completely non-upscale community. You may have never heard of him.

As you can see, this year’s clothing shopping has plenty of room, whether you are sexy and dead, trying to bypass HBO’s licensing department, wearing something that their characters never cross, or in your name from you The cracks in the fishing of patriotism Remember that no screaming “Halloween” is like almost completely indifferent to copyright.

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