Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone had a joint interview. It was a pleasant one

If you can’t decide that this weird Hollywood star and the main acting and evil sense of humour are your favorite, you are lucky.

For the best performance of W magazine, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, a fan of fans, joined together for a joint interview. Both have a lot in common, from their stupid, alternative humor to an impressive resume, including winning Oscar before the age of 30.

They often saw the BFF of Hollywood, giggling, and the other side’s red carpet in the interview, so this is a journey in W part of the splendor, on the actress. In the interview, they discussed these different subjects as their first kiss, first on the red carpet dress, share the same “track” and their common tendency, misheard lyrics.

Laurence revealed that she had sent messages with Shi Fa to the other person. A year ago, their people had seen that they were very concerned about them. They may not be one of the common “sneak” meetings. There was no actual phone call.

Share your favorite Halloween Costumes: Stone is a very comprehensive commitment to help Adams, but Laurence remembered that when she dressed up like a wild table and tried to pass a hole in the plastic tablecloth, she liked to talk. The stone love bastard, Hocus Pocus’s growth, Laurence said, she thought Jurassic Park was the “greatest movie” she had ever done.

Laurence’s terrible life experiences the double engine failure on the plane. She also jokes that Stone may be her contact time when she suddenly performs at the same time, because her eyes are too big. Laurence also thinks that Stone has made an amazing performance, though the stone feels she is terrible because she can’t see it.

The interview turned out to be two of the intercourse between happy laughter and absurdity. “Do you understand?” Are we just sitting together screaming together with us? Asked the stone.

“We’re just screaming each other. We were dumb out after we were outside, we, my God. I can’t imagine what others would do. We shouldn’t just be together, “Laurence replied. “God, I’m exhausted. It’s interesting. “

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