Looking for the last minute Halloween costumes? Lori’s clothing store may be this place!

halloween costumes shop online

West Bend – you have a day time to pursue the perfect Halloween costume. There is a place where you can put your ideas to the next level: West Bend Lori clothing store.

Lori’s clothing store invites you to do other people for a while. In the downtown West Bend of a permanent halloween costumes shop online store, nearly 30 years, Gloria Menzel personally created most of the clothes in the shop. Gloria refused to cancel those stores to stock offer from local schools and theater groups, because she would rather continue to do leasing business in West bend.

Lori and John Wanninger buy commercial 2005 Kailai. Lori was also a tailor who continued to customize the tradition of making clothing according to the requirements. Lori and John believe that the store is in its long-term position, and with the owner, it is very important to completely refurbish the space. The store has its own sewing room of Lori, her mother Susan Greasby and other tailors made of clothing.

With the growing stock of halloween costumes shop online, and the expansion of the wedding and clothing, the merchants were moved to the old bakery.

Lori’s clothing store has more than 4000 kinds of clothes to choose from. Lori and John reopened the store with new time; they accepted the date. The store provides clothing and theatrical supplies for regional theater groups, such as the West Bend children’s Theatre, which has been in the store for more than 20 years. If you like clothes, Lori’s clothing store will do.

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