The magic wheelchair wins the epic wheelchair gigaprize 3D printer

The magic wheelchair is an organization dedicated to creating an attractive disadvantaged children’s clothing. The entrepreneur was founded in 2008, when he created a Pirate Halloween Costumes (a complete ship) for his three year old son, Keaton.

Diagnosed as spinal cord muscolar atrophy at the age of 9 months, Keaton’s clothing ignited the fire of Weimar, which has grown into an ambitious non-profit organization designed to make as many children as possible in the wheelchair.

Now, adding the magic wheelchair’s A Senna wheelchair clothing building tool is a politeness reply to a large 3D printer: 3D’s 2017 gigaprize. For every 100 3D printers RE:3D sales, the company gives a valuable business. In the past, the winners of this award include Nairobi’s tunapanda, Kenya and Houston, a good studio, Texas.

Weumer recalls the reception, the Pirate Costume:

“People seem to look at his” disability “;” they look at the past and see the cool child cruising around the pirate ship in a wheelchair. Normally, other children who don’t know Keaton are looking at them far and far, and the dress is immediately strong and inclusive.

The magical wheelchair and volunteers have established a national and local team network. The charity provides a building manual to explain the process of building a team.

Large manufacturer gigaprizes

It took some years, the magic wheelchair to leave the ground, in 2015 sports 5 clothing successfully raise funds, Kickstarter activities. The first year of the founding of philanthropy was eight. In second years, its output was 242017 to 50.

In addition, the organization has established a cooperative relationship with the stan Winston Institute of art.

“The co founders Matt and Erich are members of the magic wheelchair Committee. As part of this amazing connection, all of our volunteers can enter the school,” Ryan explained. “We have special effects special effects division to help our building team! The school has completely changed my way of learning. ”

Despite the incredible creation of the magic wheelchair, the network of children may be widening a little more every year with gigaprize.

In addition to the halloween costumes itself, the 3D printer will enable the magic wheelchair team to produce its internal production games, and the volunteers to disseminate printing tools and kits.

Ryan added: “3D printers are becoming very common in production and special effects, so it’s incredible that we have such an amazing printer.” “We have some 3D artists to help, and we have a strong connection with the ZBrush community Pixologic. The sky is really the limit here! ”

The influence of the magic wheelchair on each garment is great for the recipient. Finally, it was the children’s experience that promoted the organization’s efforts. Thanks to Gigabot, the group will be able to continue to smile and make many children’s faces.

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