Orange LODGE PROBE ‘Nausea’ Nazi Halloween costumes in Airdrie Orange Chalet spark angry, police confirmed detection

Detective said they had received images of people wearing vomit garments during 2010 and 2013.

Has been published in social media and has been removed by pictures showing men, women and children wearing disgusting clothing.

There is a portrait of Adolf Hitler to pay tribute to the camera.

The two children stood before him, and everyone was wearing a yellow star – the Jews were advertised in Nazi Germany.

While another image shows a man wearing a Pope’s robe in his neck with a noose.

In a photo, two men were clearly seen holding a toy, wearing two crotch pieces between the Celtics.

In another image, a person appeared in a painted wig wearing a painted face.

Images are posted on the Whinhall True Blues Flute Band facebook page.

Now, these pictures in the social media caused a lot of indignation, the user will brand behavior “spoof” and “disgusting”.

A social media user said: “Incredible … what makes them think that any form or form is acceptable?

The other said: “completely hateful … …”

At the same time there is a person posted: “My God patients more ah … … nausea !!!”

A Scottish police spokesman said: “The information has been identified by the relevant personnel and determine any criminal behavior.

The Scottish police takes all reports of hate events seriously and investigates such reports proportionally. ”

Robert McLean, executive director of the Scottish Big Orange Hut, told the Sunday Herald: “We do not have any comments for comments and discussion with our colleagues.”

Rocky then attacked the story of the story on their Facebook page, but declined to apologize for the image.

Earlier this month, we told you that the Glasgow City Council would consider prohibiting the future orange order parade, showing the public reading of the sectarian song.

Officials warned that future demonstrations would face even greater restrictions, even after the police had investigated the incident.

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