BuySeasons Inc., New Berlin’s popular clothing company, acquired by Rubie’s Costume Company

New Berlin – BuySeasons Inc., New Berlin’s popular clothing retailer has been acquired by Rubie’s Costume Company.


According to the press release, the acquisition took place on 30 June.


Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc. said the acquisition would enable Rubie to provide customers with “the most modern and efficient third-party logistics facilities that can meet all your clothing and party needs.”


“BuySeasons will now allow Rubie to provide leading operations to our wholesale halloween costumes, and we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with state-of-the-art implementation solutions,” said Howard Beige, vice president of Rubie’s.


“I am delighted to be part of the two leading companies in halloween costumes and the party industry,” said Giuseppe Soccodato, global chief financial officer at Rubie’s, at the press conference. “This will certainly expand the range of markets and product categories while providing first-class delivery to consumers system. ”


“Working with Rubie will allow BuySeasons to significantly increase our products and improve our global sourcing capabilities.” BuySeasons president Rick Barton said: “When we take into account the synergistic benefits of this exciting combination, BuySeasons is very excited because we Look forward to enhancing the customer experience.


Rubie’s clothing company is described as “the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of apparel, accessories and holiday products.”


BuySeasons is one of the largest performing companies in the clothing and party category.

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