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The Strategist Guide to Shopping at Sculptshe

Shapewear to enhance your silhouette

Shapewear has always been a precious ally of women. But forget the uncomfortable containment corsets of the past: today’s shapewear is much more practical and comfortable. A quick glance at Sculptshe’s wide offer will suffice to understand that containment underwear can be as beautiful and comfortable as conventional garments.

What is shapewear?

Shapewear was born with the function of shaping your body without particular effort. There is no need to go on a diet or force yourself to intense gym sessions to lose weight for that event you want to wear that tight dress for. Thanks to sturdy fabrics, the most modern elastic textile fibers, and the absence or complete discretion of the seams, in fact, shapewear allows you to slim the silhouette, highlighting the waistline and hiding any imperfections. These are just a few examples of the miraculous effects of shapewear.

The modeling underwear helps to highlight the curves, hiding imperfections such as rolls or some skin problems, for example making it smooth and homogeneous on the buttocks and thighs, wherewith tight-fitting clothes you would see defects such as cellulite.

There is a line of underwear products, which includes products such as slimming belly, able to hide imperfections like the modeling underwear, but also to act on microcirculation, promoting weight loss. Slimming underwear usually does not act in complete autonomy. It is, therefore, necessary to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay in shape. Shapewear will still be extra help for your figure!

Sculptshe Slimming Belly Seamless Brief Panty

Containment shapewear instead will help you a lot to contain the exuberant forms. If you are not satisfied with your measurements, you can easily reduce thighs, hips, waist, and breasts by one or two sizes thanks to the backless shapewear, shaping bodysuits, high briefs, and containment girdles.

Shapewear for every area of the body

To choose the shapewear that best suits your needs, you must first have in mind which part of the body you want to shape or contain. As for the upper body, you can choose between Sculptshe tank tops and containment bodysuits. The modeling bodysuits allow in fact to improve the optical effect of the bust, making it slimmer on the hips, containing the belly, and highlighting the breasts. With a shaping bodysuit, you can wear tight-fitting dresses that highlight your qualities from the waist up.

Sculptshe Lycra Curve Smoothing Bodysuit

If you want to work only on the abdomen, you can choose a waist trainer instead, which is one of the best shapewear for working out.

To act on the waist, hips, and buttocks at the same time, you will need support panties or, even better, slimming shorts. On Sculptshe you will find a wide range of slimming shorts, which adhere perfectly to the thighs, buttocks and hide the belly.

Sculptshe Sculpting Shorts With Bra

If you prefer a more homogeneous solution, able to shape from the knee to the bust at the same time, you can choose a full body shaper, perfect under the tightest clothes.

Sculptshe Full Bodysuit Zippered Slimming Shaper

Plus size shapewear by Sculptshe: an ally in the drawer

For us, at Sculptshe it is important to think about the needs of all women. For this reason, in our online shop you will also find a large assortment of plus-size shapewear. Take a quick look at our wide range of plus-size support bodysuits and plus-size support girdles and find the perfect fit for your needs. But not only bodysuits: from briefs to modeling suits to wear under evening dresses, here on Sculptshe you will find the perfect solution for breathtaking curves!

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