7 creepy Halloween costumes for babies who are scary AF

If you have a long tradition of scary Halloween costumes, it doesn’t need to change when you become a parent. There are a lot of creepy wholesale halloween costumes for babies, and it’s bound to delight any crazy freak. Because the chances are, your offspring will enjoy Yaoqi like you. Well, as soon as they grow up, they’ll understand the meaning of the festival.

Of course, most baby Halloween costumes tend to be cute. Why not? Puppies, puppies, elves, and pumpkins are always to be celebrated. But the introduction of the scary side of baby Halloween requires a special parent, and I appreciate persistence. To tell the truth: if you dress up your child as a haunted doll, then we should be friends because you are a wonderful person.

Do you want to go lightly disturbed with werewolf clothing, or with a mummy sleeping bag all the way, there’s a lot of dark side to the choice of parents like holidays. Hey, your kid is pretty cute: why doesn’t the popular skeleton suit make your friends and family a little discouraged at night? It’s all Festival spirit.

1. Haunted, Baby, Doll


It’s creepy to give your baby an antique style. Start with an organic baby ($68) and then add a woven baby wig ($10) to get more dolly talent. A baby out of souvenirs ($70) if you have a full impact.
Seriously: there’s a lot of dresses and wigs that you can use. Inspiration, look at the antique dolls that will kill you when you sleep, by BuzzFeed. Just don’t expect to sleep well during the next week.

2. Skeleton Child


So there’s a lot of unease about human modeling, but the clothes themselves are causing me tension and the circumstances are serious. Skeleton Halloween costumes ($10 or more) are scary phantoms. Just look at the details of the bones on the hood.

3. Mini Frankenstein


Dr. Frankenstein’s monster never seemed so… Small。 Baby monster clothing ($12 or more) detailing a scar, bolt through the neck, and a torn vest. The shock of hair looks surprising.

4. Tarantula Baby


Even if you don’t have fear, this dress is scary. The baby’s spider costume ($36 +) will change your little to a long, hairy, red eyed spider. It’s even better if your child is in the crawl phase.

5. the terrible clown


Don’t mind the bright colors and the smiling baby pose: the costume is too scary. Baby Clown Costume ($34 +) with bright, frilly jumpsuit, non slip shoes, and a hat on the hair. In addition, it takes advantage of the universal fear of clowns.

6. Terrifying, Gnome, Child


The baby with the beard is uneasy. Anyway, baby Gnome clothing ($30 +) is Halloween’s unique choice. Your family can dress up as a creepy lawn ornament.

7. Witchy Baby


Make some candies out of this. Lace Witch Costume ($21 or more) is elegant and creepy. Yes, it’s lovely, too.

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