Types of Super Easy ‘3 Minute Hairstyles for Girls
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Types of Super Easy ‘3 Minute Hairstyles for Girls

When you wish to be pampered, spending hours at a salon getting your fave hairstyle may be fun, but what about when you need to get out the door quickly?

You can be relaxing at home in your finest pajamas one minute, and the next, you might get a text from your best friend updating you on the most fabulous party of the year. Whatever the occasion, making cute hairstyles in a hurry is like a rite of passage.

Whether preparing for school in the morning or dressing up for a date at night, these gorgeous hairstyles for girls are very easy to make and can be done in less than 3 minutes.

Y2K Inspired Style

Baby braids and chunky highlights are among the genuinely legendary hairstyles that are making a comeback thanks to the resurrection of Y2K beauty. If you want to try out a Y2K-inspired style, this one is for you.

You can pull this off in a minute or two. At the hairline, divide a small portion of hair in half and grab each side to make a center-parted bang.

Attach elastic bands from the base to the tip, leaving enough space between each. To create bubbles, gently pull on the hair where the gaps are.

High Ponytail

If you want to step up your ponytail game, you should try this daring ponytail style. It is elegant and reaches the heavens. You can add ponytail extensions for even more oomph. You will undoubtedly receive some compliments on the street.

Top Knot Bun

The top knot bun is a simple summer hairstyle that you can create quickly. A very basic appearance can make a big impression. You can create a flawless ballerina bun with only one easy step and a few bobby pins. For this simple design, you can either use your natural hair or one of our clip-in bun extensions.

The Modern Messy Bun

What’s better than a typical bun? Clearly, a messy one. The process should just take a minute or so, possibly more, if you wish to style your baby strands. If you want to add some flair, wear a headband.

You may wear this outfit for any event, including work, parties, school, or just lounging around the house.

Double Dutch Braids

You don’t necessarily have to get cornrows when you braid your hair. You can create these pigtail braids quickly and easily in a matter of minutes; however, it might take a little longer if you’re braiding in extensions. You may always add length with any braided hair type resembling your natural texture. A smoothing edge control solution is excellent for getting a sleek appearance around the edges.

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