7 unique scholarships to help you pay tuition fees

Paying the university may be a huge task. With books, tuition and housing, the cost can really start to grow. That’s why we brought together a series of unique scholarship opportunities to help reduce costs. Take a look!

Create a Greeting Card Scholarship

Prizes: $ 10,000 for prizes, $ 1,000 for winners

For students interested in visual arts, creating a Greeting Card scholarship offers a great opportunity. Fixed and Greeting Card Company “Gallery Collection” offers scholarships to high school, university or college students each year, the best greeting card. The content submitted can be photographed, traditional art or computer artwork, as long as the fragment is original. The last day of submission is March 1, 2018, the winner will be announced on April 30 of the same year.

Invages Young Thinker Scholarship Award

Award: $ 500

Invensis is an outsourced solution specialist and a sponsor of the Invensis Young Thinker Scholarship Essay Award. They asked students from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia to submit a paper on how the robot process automation can shape the future of business process outsourcing. The paper must have at least 600 words, with appropriate research evidence as the subject. The submissions will expire on November 30, 2017, and the winning entries will be posted on the Invensis website, blog and social media account.

Scholars help to receive scholarships

Award: $ 1,000

For the animal lovers provides a great opportunity, “scholars help scholarship” for high school students to provide the opportunity to share animal experience. Organized by the pet supply company P.L.A.Y., the applicant will submit an article as well as two to three photos detailing their work with the animals needed. This article should focus on the author’s influence, or the way animals work to change the way people think about animal welfare. Submissions will expire on February 15, 2018.

Arthur Parker Meteorology Scholarship

Award: $ 1,000

Created by the National Meteorological Association Foundation, the Arthur Parker Meteorology Scholarship Scholarship is open to undergraduate weather courses for primary or advanced students or meteorology graduate schools. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation and an article explaining why to apply for a reward. Academic achievement will also play a role in determining the winner. The deadline for this year is November 10, 2017.

Participate in the Prom scholarship competition

Award: $ 10,000 for each couple of members

Duck brand is for the dance couple to participate in the scholarship game, easy to carry tape, and fashion interest. The brand has been responsible for the 16 years of scholarships, scholarships on the page you can see some great inspiration photos. 2017-2018 season game has not yet opened, but it is expected that this will happen around April 2018.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship

Award: $ 500

If you know your way in the pumpkin, the Halloween Halloween costume pumpkin carving contest may be your scholarship. Sponsored by the Halloween costumes can be opened to students in two or four years of course. Applicants can paint, decorate, carve or track their pumpkins on Halloween costumes wholesale blogs and Facebook pages. Submissions need to include the display process and the final product photo. The entry will expire on November 5, 2017.

Speed ​​up the loan scholarship paper contest

Award: $ 2,500

Have you ever written a blog? Want to give it a shot? Our fast loan Zing blog is asking college students or college students to submit the best paper on the “Fast Loan Scholarship Paper Competition” and “How to budget for college students”. Share your real life experience, your favorite app or anything else that you think will help students through budget college. We like to keep conversations and informative content, so please check out our other blog posts for some inspiration. The scholarship application for this semester will expire on November 30, 2017. We are happy to read your work!

You can see that the scholarship comes from a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to drop your network when looking for opportunities. When trying to reduce costs, every point is helpful, so do not be afraid to put yourself there. You will never know which one will be perfect for you, so give some try.

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