It is a reminder that the electorate should pay attention to the judicial temperament in the election.

Guy Williams, a judge in the suspension area, was tried last week for two serious assaults. The charges came from “road fury” confrontation, and last year Williams waved a pistol in another driver and his passengers.

After the jury found that a count of Williams’s innocence and the trial judge declared the trial null and void, the jury failed to adjudicate on the second questions.

Williams faced other accusations about his behavior, and a judge. On the one hand, he was accused of touching three women, one of which was another judge. One of the women complained to the county human resources office. All this has not been solved yet – he has not been charged, but these accusations sound like something far away from “judicial temperament.”

The temperament of the judiciary is how to judge the gold standard of its own. The judge’s temperament is the judge should have, but also the legal ability. Each judge from the most humble and just justice in the United States Supreme Court should give judicial temperament.

And the temperament of the judiciary is what the electorate should seek for a candidate.

But what is judicial temperament, how does the electorate know who owns it, who does not know?

“The four thing belongs to the judge: to listen politely, to think wisely, to think calmly, and to decide impartiality.” This is the definition of Socrates’s judicial temperament.

The American Bar Association says that the quality of a good judge is “compassion, determination, broad-minded, sensitive, courteous, patience, prejudice and commitment, equality, justice and freedom”.

If we take a look at the 2017 cases of the Texas Judicial Committee on the complete loss of the Judiciary Act, it may be easier to understand the temperament of the judiciary.

The magistrate in performing judicial duties after wearing a Halloween costume, privately warned by the committee.

A district judge received a private warning after an angry voice from a lawyer in court and court.

The judge in Burnet County, read in Sanantonio police arrested a murder of African Americans, in their Facebook account comments, “this is a tree and a rope in time.” The judge condemned the public.

A judge participated in a “horse riding” campaign with a police officer during a “Refusal” drug test weekend. So far, there is no problem. The judge issued a search warrant on the weekend and the judge was on duty. The judge got a private warning.

Williams is the goal of the Commission’s action. He was suspended from his duty according to the accusation of the aggravated attack. He did not apply for re-election in his term of office at the end of this year.

The prosecutor made other charges against him in the court. In addition to accusing him of finding three women, the prosecutor accused him of sending threatening messages to another judge. They said he tried to persuade a victim of a robbery in the room to agree to reprieve for the defendant. He was also called the two early “road rage”.

His lawyer called the list of allegations “ridiculous”, and his lawyer argued this week that Williams thought he was threatened and was defending himself.

The judge’s temperament is very important, so the judge’s temperament is very important. They dominate the decision of life and death, and the property and wealth of the parties can significantly change the life of the citizens in the court.

The judge is the mode of life of our independent judiciary and one of the glory of our democratic system. The wonder of a dictator in a powerful pocket country or just a rubber stamp.

But in the election of judges, ordinary voters have nothing to talk about. With the municipal government legislative or judicial candidates, candidates can not guarantee each basin or solve every pit of chicken. They only provide their legal experience, their court work history and their personal background.

What is harder to find is whether they have the elusive quality of “judicial temperament”. When they have this ability, they have the ability of law, the sense of fairness and respect for the system, so the public has a bright pearl in court. But when they don’t do it, things get very bad.

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