1.Chicken Pot Pie With Crawling Hands

This delicious pot pie is filled with vegetables and protein to nourish your little ghost or leprechaun on the night before.

2.Halloween Eyeball Sub

Filled with juicy meatballs and thick ketchup bases, these Halloween eyeball submarines are terrible delicacies.

3.Witch Finger Bread Sticks

Once you’ve overcome the real appearance of these witch fingers, you’ll find a luscious surprise for dry berries and pine nuts.

4.Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

Bring together fresh spicy olives, mushrooms and cheese to make these medium-sized sides for your Halloween dinner.

5.Bloody Mummy Crepe Cake

Breakfast for dinner is always fun, especially on Halloween, when you take out these bloody mummy crepe cakes.

6.Saucy Spider

Make a donut at this party-the perfect Halloween appetizer. If you can’t find pizza dough in the supermarket, try the local pizza shop, which may sell you a fresh ball. For extra effects, sprinkle poppy seeds on your legs and add Parma cheese.

7.Creepy Pigs In a Blanket

Think about it, wrap the pig in a blanket and twist it! Guests would like to eat these roasted cocktails wrapped in pies. Slice almond toenails into one end of the digital box and soak them in red ketchup.

8.Fried Vampire Bat Wings

Heat these bat-shaped ham steaks and you’ll get a creepy appetizer.

9.Toxic Mac and Cheese

You only need a few drops of food coloring to mix the neon green meal together.

10.Purple Potion Punch

Your Halloween guest will die for this fist.

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