10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Wonder Woman:

Prince Diana did all this: she was a peaceful diplomat and a raging warrior. In the 2017 film, Gardote starred, they transformed her vintage costume into a sexy and powerful combination that strengthened her inner strength.

2.Abbi and Ilana from Broad City:

From the end of Game 3, Abby competes in the soulstice and ilana loses her job in the trade!

3.Sandy from Grease:

A pair of black shirts and a thick black belt of leather pants. Red shoes are necessary. Wear the clothes farther with golden hoops and shiny red nails.


 Sushi never looks better than this diy winner. Grab fish-shaped pillows and artificial seaweed fabric and finish playing with ginger and mustard headbands.

 5.Hocus Pocus Witch:

We love the twist of witchcraft! “I cast you a spell, and now you are mine.”

6.Mary Poppins:


7.Offred from Handmaid’s Tale:

We will bear no more.

8.Eleven from Stranger Things:

Leggo her Eggo. 

9. Avocado Toast:

Everyone loooooves it because, TBH, whats not to love about avos and bread?



Yikes. we’re having flashbacks from The Ring. Do yourself a favor and avoid looking in the mirror after you’ve had a few drinks 😉

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