Houston had a unbelievable Halloween EDM festival in 2018

If you had any doubts about your plans this coming Halloween, this lineup will ensure you’re raging away at Freaky Deaky Texas!


Get ready for a Halloween festival full of absolutely the best dance music! Disco Downey’s gifts and response gifts have worked together to arrange an absolutely wild lineup for this horrific holiday, full of huge names such as excise, porter Robinson, adventure club and so on! Texas will be held at Sam Houston Racing Park on October 27-28, 2018, Halloween weekend.

This is almost my dream lineup, including legendary artists in my favorite series. The more you see, the more gems you can find in this lineup! Chris Lake, Walker.This is the first year, Texas will have an odd year, old versions of the country will be staged in Milwaukee, Chicago and Texas and other cities. With such a lineup, Houston will definitely be an unforgettable opening year! Make sure you get tickets soon, and travel packages are available on the odd website, so you can save on the hotel during the holiday season.

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