A woman was reported to have returned a “dead” Christmas tree and got her money for it.

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Christmas trees are often like Halloween costumes – they have a “guarantee of freshness” date until after the holidays, and then you have to find another use for them… Or just split up gracefully. Now, finally the end of the holiday, many reluctant to throw their friends but not the thorn pine tree, who reportedly died of the Christmas tree. (the hustle and bustle has reached the tree of the Costco, and the regenerated response.)

Christmas in California usually means that evergreen trees grow in non ideal conditions. Therefore, one of the customers of the event, according to a customer, said that a woman in the Calif. Santa Clara dealt with the matter in person after her tree died. Instead of giving a decent funeral to the tree, she dragged it to her January 4th local Costco and asked for a refund “because it died.”

In a deleted Facebook post, Scott Bentley recalls behind a woman standing behind the tree. Bentley said his “angry” behavior and the subsequent refunds of the conspiracy.

He wrote, “I can’t get these things out.” I’m not sure, if I think it’s true or false. A humiliating thing is bad enough. But the worse and humiliating Christmas tree, the work of making green leaves, is not only wrong.

When KABC has a screenshot, you can find it here.

But it is said that the real tree has come back. After all, Costco has a 90 – day return policy, and my family has already been to the capital before… It’s not the same as the Christmas tree. I mean, how does the store resell this?

As a result, the woman who has not yet been identified has received a refund. At the same time, a scare Bentley took a picture and said, “are you serious?”,” according to the post.

Bentley scolded the “absurd” return of Costco itself.

To be fair, this kind of thing is absolutely unprecedented. What’s the next step? Have you returned the DVD after seeing it? You give them back to them after the color coloring book?

I mean, I used to have a friend back with a night’s air cushion. But it’s ridiculous.

Though Christmas tree is not a very common reward (and wants to keep this way), you can go back to other things and have a bad holiday, if you really need your money back.

Some Christmas lights obviously have three years of warranty. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I buy yellow before we will be two people a year, obviously, when this happens, if I buy my GUCCI here! Don’t forget your ordinary lawn ornament, without obvious wear.

According to the 2015 reports of the National Retail Federation, about eight percent of the annual sales will be returned. Twenty percent of the return also occurred during the holiday period. It makes sense – I know my mother is used to moving hell and high water levels to chase gift receipts before 30 days of mark return hit.

But cases like this tree are also common and very serious. The National Retail Federation tracked fraudulent returns, with an estimated total return of about $1766.27, with an average purchase cost of about $171, 2017. The average cost of clothing, halloween costumes and return fraud is $968.81, which is quite high and due to the average cost of approaching theft ($974.37).

In a word, maybe the woman got her money, but it doesn’t guarantee that she will be a good list of Santa next year.

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