Halloween is more like Christmas for local clothing stores.

With the end of Halloween, halloween costumes shop online stores are facing a sharp decline in business until the next quarter. A store even decided to cancel it.

Retail stores, online markets and seasonal “pop-up shops” are now the most common places for people to buy annual festival clothes. However, with the rise of online shopping, many clothing retailers are losing most of the important Halloween business.

Aaro Froese, your clothing in Walnut Street master, is closed after the door, in December this year, Columbia city commercial 21 years.

“Clothes stores fly like flies,” Fraser said. “Those who went out of stores for 90-100 years, I understand. Things change it, it’s the nature of the beast. People don’t shop as much as they used to.

More than half of the clothing store’s business comes from October, but clothing is purchased all year round, so retail stores must be creative.

From the activities of the sorority and the fraternity, the drama, and the student, Sabrina Garcia Buaio, Maude, the boss of the vintage retro trading clothing store and the clothing rental shop on Broadway, said rents were the key to the success of the garment business. Garcia Buaio is able to sell clothes about once a day, a year.

“Components, vintage trading, clothing rentals, are important expenses in my business,” says Garcia Buaio. “October is undoubtedly the biggest boom. What we did in October was the same as what we did in the rest of the year, but I rented clothes every day.”

With the advent of new movies and books, the clothing market is changing and expanding every season. As a result, leasing allows businesses to expand their collections, and more suitable for changing annual themes and personalities.

“Over the years, people are willing to rent extended types, and that’s my pleasure,” says Garcia Buaio. It’s also a big thing to make professional meetings a theme, and pupils dress up for school activities. Because of this trend, my store is dressing children now. But in this small town, we can’t just survive as a place of clothing.

“Renting clothes again and again is more profitable than selling a single item.”.”. Even if I sold the theater’s clothes, I’d prefer to rent it. It’s fun for me, and it’s good for business.”

Despite the different ways of clothing sales, many people have discovered that one thing is true: halloween costumes shop online has sucked too much business through siphon. Even a pop-up shop that only opens for three months, especially for Halloween costumes, is also experiencing the growing influence of halloween costumes shop online consumer culture.

Kris McBurney, the spirit of Halloween burnadette driver manager, pop shop clothing store in Columbia, said that online sales more than half of the purchase of physical stores, and this is an increasing trend.

“Online sales are sure to hurt our sales here,” McBurney said. “Mom and pop stores are leaving, especially now.” We’re chain corporation, and it hurts us, so I don’t have a store here. In Columbia, there is a big market where young children are used to getting what they need online.

McBurney says that not only are online shoppers more convenient, but customers can also find lower prices than entity stores.

“People treat a place like a rental, it’s not,” McBurney said. “We rely on wholesale purchases. We allowed to return to October 20th, and then it was only exchanged. So customers can buy things next year, but unfortunately, we often see people trying to return them, mainly because they say they think they’re cheap online. It’s hard to compete with them.”

This trend requires retailers to be more innovative and prolific, not just during halloween. Maud and Wine halloween costumes shop online owners over the years has been Difficult miscellaneous diseases and building their own clothing collections. The supplier, thrift stores, theaters All seats are occupied. commissioned works mainly, and these enterprises inventory.

“Technically, it’s a collection of 25 years,” says Garcia Buaio. “I cut out some of them every year.” For several years, I bought wholesale and retail clothing. That’s good, but it’s not my interest. Sold cheap, in real drama costumes for a disposable Chinese version, it can be elsewhere, but it’s not motivating me. I really like clothes.”

Maud Wine clothing and Difficult miscellaneous diseases to promote their products is much higher than the quality of a good many people buy packaging clothing, often found online. These enterprises have bigger choices and different works, so the amount of halloween costumes shop online that can be created is almost endless.

“We have a quality that is one of our advantages over the Internet,” Fraser said. Our rent is the driving force of our business. We may have tens of thousands of clothing, I have been actively buying and collecting suppliers from the thrift store, your name, over the years.

Your clothes will be closed in December, but Fraser plans to store online inventory platforms. If Fraser fails to find the buyer’s inventory, the rent on Broadway will be in commercial positioning for 15-30 days each season.

“According to the purchasing power of Columbia, I put my project into a global market,” Fraser said. “I have something. People don’t want to spend 20 dollars in the store. I put it on the Internet. Sometimes I get 50 dollars, so we do it.”

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