Online transportation delay sparks last Mardi Gras shopping

halloween costumes

Extreme weather conditions in the country have caused people to choose to buy their Carnival halloween costumes online delivery delay.

After the beginning of the new year, mudslides and wildfires occurred in California, and large snowstorms hit the east coast. In this case, the postal service slows the delivery process.

Stores in the center of Biloxi can solve their problems.

“So they come to us as their hope and Savior, and we will dress them for their similar clothing, if there is no exact order,” Ricky said, in the Biloxi store manager of the clothing store.

It’s not surprising that people have come to the shops for their Carnival clothes for 46 years.

“This is the last minute of haste, but in most cases we can help them,” the answer shows.

When they are looking for masks, gloves or anything else to finish their clothes on the rack, some customers say that on the day of the ball and parade, it is better to be safe than sorry.

“I didn’t want something on Amazon’s order,” Marc Sivori said, who needs three independent clothes, this year’s holiday.

Kristi Smith finally bought a pair of white gloves to buy her to attend the prom, feel relieved.

“When I was told, it was necessary, I know. So I checked that people came here soon because I heard they sold it very quickly. “It’s time for me to come,” Smith said.

Time is a big problem. The shops may not be busy in the early days, but the workers say that all of these can be changed in a flash.

“You will have one or two women in a house to buy things, or we will have buses to load the entire klu people, enter the shop and work the whole length of the day, and then leave,” said “show”.

Josette also sells Halloween costumes. When asked about two different festivals, the store manager said, and more people bought their Dress Halloween week, and the demand for carnival costumes was all year round.

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