According to the designer’s statement, it is a mistake to buy 8 clothes at a time

In the shopping frenzy, you may buy a lot of things in the shopping cart, frankly, you don’t need it. However, you may have entered your credit card information, hit “confirm the purchase,” and put them in your closet when they arrive at your door, and don’t even wear them at once.

Many times, we will buy something we don’t need at all. Even if we know that spending is wrong, we still have to do it.

To help us break this situation, we asked the celebrity fashion expert Michael St. Michael and the founder of shiseminer, who believed that the 10 items were always the wrong purchase.

Big frame sunglasses

“It’s no longer the big box Sunglasses hidden behind fashion,” St. Michael told the inside story. It’s all about thin frames (think about 90s). It can also be converted into glasses, but there are some lenient treatments for the rules of viewing specifications.

Fur of an animal

Though artificial fur is good, St. Michael recommends staying away from anything made of real animal fur.

“There is no exception to this rule. Animal fur is nauseous and cruel. “To imitate,” he told the insider.

A T – shirt designed

St. Michael explained that it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a simple designer T-shirt, because it’s easy to find a cheaper option.

It’s not necessary to spend a dollar on a plain white T-shirt. That’s absolutely meaningless! ”

British designer

Dating back to fourteenth Century, Britain was good for farmers, because they were designed as disposable. In fact, anyone will pay 500 dollars to 1000 dollars in famous brand canvas shoes, which is absurd, “St. Michael told the inside story.” The main design elements of a canvas shoes is pulled by the end of the grass / Twain no matter who it is, it will certainly suffer.”

Synthetic fabric

It is also important to evaluate their fabrics when buying any clothes.

San Michaele said, “artificial fiber is not only harmful to health, but also a toxic chemical substance, which is very bad for the environment.”

Treated fabric

Like synthetic fibers, St. Michael suggests that consumers should stop buying processed fabrics, though they seem to be good choices.

No wrinkles / stains appear to be very convenient, but like the above clothes, it is harmful to health and environment by dealing with toxic chemicals. Invest in a good ship, “he told insiders.

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet socks are clear and simple, always wrong purchase.

“Exceptions: it’s good for artists and Halloween costumes,” he said.

Kitten high heel shoes

“They are almost not high heels. “Buy yourself some apartments,” he told insiders.

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