‘RHOA’ night: Nene insecticide clothing, Kim’s “suspicious” character and season shout and wrangle

halloween costumes

Everything is on Sunday’s “Atlanta season”. Eva’s Halloween party is a real housewife.

Eva and Whitfield all come together to dress up as Cleopatra VII, Kandi Burruss is a sexy Pennywise, Kenya Moore is dressed as a Secret Angel of Victoria, Porsha Williams is a zombie bride, Cynthia Bailey becomes a very convincing 50 point (better known as 50 cynt), Kim Zolciak and husband Kroy. NN dressed like a playboy, Hugh Hefner (wish him to rest), NeNe Leakes and husband Gregg Leakes appeared in insecticide and cockroach costumes, respectively.

“You do it!” Porsha said, Ning Ning and Greg roachgate dress.” You are a small mess. Small goal! That’s two small goals. ”

She explained that she decided to be a terminator, because I just wanted Kim and her stupid stupid donkey’s stupid damn family to know that we were laughing at you, bitch. Hee Haw, bitch, jokes on you.

But the real play is the best friend of Porsha, and when Shamea Morton comes, tell Shere that Porsha tell her that she can’t believe any of the girls in any group, including her. This pure e felt that she was angry because of the group to return to her only girl.

“Porsha, you know, we have built a little thing,” Hill said, Porsha in front of shamea, Kim and Porsha’s sister, Lauren. Can you honestly say that I’m not helping you get along with these girls? And these girls make up? What have I done to you that you do not believe this one?”

Porsha did not think that this e There were many discussions. Shamea explained that she had been told, Hill E. In trying to get an answer to Porsha, thanks. That was when Lauren came to her sister and Kim’s defense to cut defense E. From talking to a screaming match, it took about two seconds.

“You said she admired, but what I’m saying,” Lauren cut before the start of e interrupted, “I didn’t hear what she said! I hear you say that! ”

“OK, it doesn’t matter, but I’m saying,” Lauren answered.

“Well, you should not,” Hill.

Until Lauren began to wave her hand to her face, Kim walked in, and Porsha quickly shot down, saying Kim’s character was “suspicious”.

Then Marlo Hampton did her best to insert herself into the situation, which is Porsha. Porsha went, and Marlo began to chase her in the party. That’s a banana.

Although the May 10th season ended, we still had more plays looking forward to the reunion of “real housewives in Atlanta” on Sunday, at 8 p.m. on April 8th at Bravo.

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