Revisit the real housewife in New York: Diana loss

Guys, this is just the first episode. We were drunk, Dorinda, unruly Bethenny, Tinsley’s dog in the floor of a hotel in the urine, no one even wiped it, and the director in the actual, written black face. We haven’t even reached arrest, fight, restore, or ship, and sink and fire at the same time. One day, you will be fond of remembering the happy children and children of your children who are alive now in the 2018 of my Lord, because this will be a mother’s mother season.

First of all, of course, we must check all the women and what they are doing. Bethenny has been helping people suffer from hurricanes in Puerto Rico and I have absolutely nothing to say. She is really doing the work of God, giving goods directly to those who need it. It’s Bethenny’s wealth to use her, because she hired a designer for the best thing. At the same time, Tinsley donated $10000. Ramona only donated 3000 dollars. Tinsley has some scratches, you.

Speaking of Tinsley, she lived in a hotel, she broke up with Scott, the guy behind the coupons or the discount shop farm or used her and Carol Hocking in a hard advertising campaign. I think it’s finally in the contract.

Carol is still “broken” Adam, which means he comes to give her coffee every day, sometimes they sleep together. They have a very modern arrangement for me. If they get all the constraints they need to build a monogamy system, then give them more power.
What I care about is Carol’s exercise habits. When she was 54 years old, she decided to start exercising and start training for the New York marathon, she said. That’s great. This is not what I care about. What made me stop? She has gone to the dog to work with a guy named Victor, who is the oldest living personal trainer in the world. Victor not only made Carol make stupid jumps and Trx in the gym, but he hit the rope of fighting, leaped in the beau, and ran down the sidewalk in Manhattan. I’m sorry, but the exercise equipment is inside. People run outside the park and designated area to annoy my inferno. Why do Carol, novice practice, all Kelly Killoren Bensimon do things like humans in jogging and transportation?

Dourinda was mainly concerned about her Halloween costumes, and Ramona, well, she hung up in her home and drank a cup of “alprazolam,” it wrote “alprazolam,” with a constant topic of humour in a drop of yuan, not ridiculous and tasteless.

Sonia Terry Morgan Lexapro Morgan decided, “all the tragedies and losses,” after the last few years, she was going to take the summer and enjoy herself in Europe, not to speak to anyone. She also decided to take antidepressants for the first time, but she found, “I am going to WAMP, WAMP, WAMP [insert] exercise here to gulp the bread.” This is the most important thing about Morgan. Someone said, until she told us that she stopped taking medicine, she could be thinner. These are the behaviors of some serious housewives, but skinny and pain are just a little fatter than happiness.

And finally, there’s also Lu. Oh, Lu. Lu divorced, everyone was so angry that they didn’t get a special wedding, and she decided to meet Tom after a divorce so they couldn’t take it. How do we know? Because we have two rather than a terrible montage of their relationship, and all the women say, again, he and everyone see this terrible guy, but Lu. It’s a bit like mourning montage in Oscar, but if everyone wants to get rid of the slag and die for movie executives.

The greatest complaint of the countess is that Carol had never telephoned or texted her, and the news of her divorce. Why does she want it? Luann has been dating her from Adam and saying all kinds of malicious things about her. Why did Carol repay his kindness? The countess gave it to anyone who listened to it, and then at the “Halloween party” at “Da Lin Da”, she said, “I hope this thing will go away with Carol. “Well, it can. If she just lets it because she lets the whole thing happen.

When it comes to Dorinda party, this is a very confusing. Dorinda misunderstood her Mrs. Gaga in a need of repair help for her from SNL’s clothing department. But the most contemptible thing we see is that many of the joints and clicks of plastic balls that DAL Lin tried to dress up almost completely fell off.

At the party, she was angry with Sonia, because she stood in a bar wearing a ROC Lucille Ball dating with her. He was named New York magazine, and had a blue ball in Manhattan. Dorinda will not be happy, because Sonia will greet the hostess, then with all women. She is not wrong, Sonia is rude. However, Dorinda need not destroy everyone to stay with her, may provide a bucket of spit message.

Everyone’s clothes are great (even if Ramona stole her clothes from a singing war, and it had been put on another Halloween party three days ago). Well, in addition to Luann, who is a deep pool, a funny black black wig Diana Ross. Did nobody tell her that this was a bad idea? She didn’t have a friend saying, “you shouldn’t dress like a black person.” Diana, of course, has Africa, but it’s not like Diana Ross is there. This wig looks like a fraternity guy who will dress up like a Harlem Yu basketball team. This is an imitation of the Africans. Its packaging may be “callous” urban wig.

But the worst thing is Bethenny’s Halloween party. I’m not talking about her Boob Popping Barbie. I’m talking about her behavior. Now, obviously, Dorinda is not the only one who is drunk than recently in the bottomless brunch parolee. Bethenny got wasted on her fight with Ramona, if she was on the road of Hampton’s Mongolian Road, or south of the road. I mean, come on. This is the most stupid, the most white fighting the Spanish American war since at least last season in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach chaos. I’m with Ramona, too. If your stool is on the highway, it can’t be on the south side of the expressway.

Bethenny put her cruelty to another level though. When Ramona said, “I know about real estate,” Bethenny replied, “you have an apartment in Hamptons’s house. I have five attributes. “I mean, come on. Having more houses doesn’t mean that you have more knowledge of real estate. I bet that real estate reporters in the Wall Street journal know that real estate than these women and journalists still live at their parents’ home in Hoboken. Then Bethenny said, “call me when you start to succeed.”

Bethenny has been bad for several years. Now I think the problem is completely wrapped here. She doesn’t know how she appeared in front of the camera. If she returns it to Ramona when she doesn’t have anything, Ramona is crying on Brooklyn Bridge. But now, she is the leader of the group. She waving her success is like a weapon, she wants to take other people.

Finally, there was a visitor at the party, no one could see it. It’s because she is dressed like a tree. Everyone thinks she is one of the plants in the background. On one occasion, some drunken homosexuals tried to rely on her, but she kept her posture stiff and strong, so no one would find her disguise.

She went to the sofa, and all the women took out a metal vial in the courtroom. She unscrewed the top with pointed objects. When she took Dorinda’s neck, she didn’t look at it. Responsible for the local hit in her neck like a large group of mosquitoes, but between the binge drinking and the organization insisting on the distraction of Sonia Lucy Ricardo wig, she never noticed. Later, Dorinda shimmied went to the elevator to leave, her wig on the floor and most of her clothes burst the plastic foam, and you could see a light red flicker coming from under her skin. At that moment, Jill Zarin wanted to smile, but she let happiness permeate from her head like so much vapor to keep her mercenary silence.

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