Adult 7 funny Halloween costumes will make you laugh

This may be the most time to make the layout of the year, but the All Hallow night can also be worth laughing! Look at the funny halloween costumes shop online, adults, we round up, and then try to tell us that Halloween is a fear and bump fear just jump.

Whether you’re a super lazy girl or a costume person who likes a pun like Halloween type up, we feel very confident that you can find your love on this list.

Ready to watch us pick out the best and interesting halloween costumes shop online? Keep scrolling!


Naked strike

This may be the highest prize for the world’s laziest halloween costumes shop online, but “naked strikes are sure to have your friend’s howl.”

All the clothing you need to do to live is a daily dress (literally any outfit good), and the sign says “strike” attached to your neck, naked with a rope. At least in our halloween-y, you can support this view.

Cereal Killer

Start with our little clothes collection of this brilliant “cereal killer” shirt. The best part? It’s really not that complicated.

As long as the collection of a heap of wheat. (let your friends eat brunch and cartoons on a Saturday afternoon), then spread out an old shirt, you don’t mind the destruction, then hot glue in the shirt before and after.

Once they are firmly attached (if they don’t stick well, try fabric instead of glue) use a paring knife to cut a small hole in the front of each box, and then poke plastic knives through. Use hot melt adhesive to make sure the knife is in place.

Finally, grab some red paint, and brush the front and back of the shirt to get the bloody effect.

Ceiling fan

We continue to parade puns, we present the “ceiling” clothing can be worn alone or with your team you.

A copy of this, found himself at a thrift store and a pair of Knee High Socks CHEERLEADING SKIRT style. Then, put the old T-shirt or vest in iron letters and spell “get sucked.” Or other word priming is encouraged in the front. Finally, grab your bouquet, slip into your shoes, you!

I come in like a wrecking ball

If you are pregnant at Halloween, we sincerely hope you will wear this kind of clothing and then send us pictures. All photos. Because this is definitely a genius. Do you poke fun at Miley Cyrus with your pregnant belly? We think she’ll like it!

To take this look, you first need a gray groove and fitted (elastic) black vest, T-shirt, or long sleeved jacket to wear it. Next, cut a hole smaller than your belly on your black shirt. Pull up a gray tank, put on your black shirt, and stretch it to fit your swelling. Look, your bad ball!

The next step, to buy a cheap chain from the home depot, and some thread and a blonde doll (found in a thrift store or from a cheap store to buy a cheap). The doll’s hair, making it look like Miley’s “wrecking ball” video, then put the doll in a chain line; you need a piece of wire, rope or jewelry line to tie the ends of the chain, then put it into a necklace”.

Or, you can paint white underwear and cut the doll on top of the tank (save her modesty, natch), but Miley most of her videos are in the nude – so we decided to leave you.

Oh, deer! And right!

The perfect combination of these costumes with humans is lazy, and we are on board. Great difference and better wear and tear with friends, these costumes will get a lot of “eh?” “Reaction first, followed by” “I love to cry.”

For, you can hand antlers and halo + wings with a scarf and a bit of ingenuity (DIY plus access to Michael), or buy them here and here, respectively. Next, dig a brown T shirt. If you want to write like a deer, write it by iron! “In front.” If you’re like cows, stick the iron on the plaque on the white T – shirt and make sure they’re cut off (if they’re on a large sheet) and spread them evenly over your shirt. Finally, put on the right color pants to hit the town.

A fart

We’re sorry, but we can’t resist, including this fart costume on our list! This is totally ridiculous, but it will certainly make everyone know LOL. and sure that a child is wearing it in this photo – but who says it can’t fit into adults?

Just take a brown T – shirt with a simple seam of brown and green Tulle on the odd patches of clothing; you can make your headdress with a scarf and some gauze, too. Wear brown tights or other pants, but last but not least – you’ll need to fart, fart, horn.


Yes, this dress is Handmade, but unless you really cunning, we recommend that you and Olivia Mears in the photo above the woman touch, who is also a fashion designer found how much it is your own custom taco beauty Prom dresses. Worth every penny in our humble opinion.

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