ATL’s legal theme halloween costumes competition: the winner (2017)

halloween costumes

You come, you see, you voted, a person really stole the performance of this year’s legal theme halloween costumes competition. It’s not easy to make legal related Halloween costumes, and many of this year’s works are very creative. Perhaps more creative is the way our competitors and his friends use the way to vote.

This year’s “winner” run 38% of the vote, we refer to this year’s “winner” price, because the rampant cheating is in progress.

So, who won our annual costume competition? This is the guy who ran in smart clothes from the northwest of the vote.

Usually, we won’t question his winning, but we have received some students from the blue book (hey), let us know that the problem of voting method (reading: cheating method) is encouraged in this year’s competition. These methods were used before the international shoe belt home award.

This is the blue book that said that he cheated about his publicity: “As for the allegations you mentioned, I can assure you that we won the game in this book.” Dude was caught, and he didn’t care. What is wanton! However, you are doing a major injury to what you are wearing is this book, my friend.

When we talk about the international shoe, the real winner of this year’s clothing competition, she has a very good sense of humor, which is deceived by the blue book, saying, “Do not know that you invoke the interference of Russian elections? ”

We are sending the models of T-shirts and international shoes, but next year, we will develop strict voting methods, when we are forced to do our annual law magazine competition, thanks for deception.

Thank everyone for submitting halloween costumes and voting (sometimes on many occasions). We sincerely hope that you will be able to take part in the competition next year. Our readers are part of such a great website on the law.

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