Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for 2018

1.Formal Apology

For a last-minute option this year, put on your most formal gown or suit and pair it with a white sash to tell everyone how sorry (and clever) you are.

2.Avocado Toast

Your favorite breakfast is now the ultimate diy Halloween delicacy. Just make sure no one tries to bite your felt.

3.Holy Guacamole

If the toast is a bit out of your taste, use a pun

4.Smart Cookie

Find your old cap and gown, make a few cookie cut-outs, and you’ll be dressed to impress in no time.


Put an adorable twist on the sometimes fun, but usually scary, classic clown costume.

6.Robot Family

Happy! We have found a cure for your online shopping addiction. You are welcome.


After a thick coat of paint, people didn’t even know that the lovely Lego was made of cardboard and plastic cups.

8.Green With Envy

Perfect for you and you plus one, this couple dress is easy to rebuild and absolutely cute.

9.Audrey Hepburn

Eat breakfast on Tiffany’s clothes and you can make your dreams come true. That’s what Halloween is all about, isn’t it?

10.Raggedy Ann Doll

Because Halloween is really about revisiting your past through your right?

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