The New ‘Halloween’ Is A Satisfying Showdown That Belongs To Jamie Lee Curtis

The direct sequel reassembles the roots of its reproduction into an exciting feminist. Michael Miles is the one we see here, but the story is Laurie’s.

The new Halloween as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 notes-the perfect 1978 original-is based on a callback. Any franchise that spawns many iconic images, as well as almost 12 sequels and reruns, must exist. But Halloween transcends the nostalgia of just fans. By correcting the victim narrative of Laurie Schroeder (Jamie Lee Curtis) throughout the series, the film reintegrates the entire series. Michael Miles followed all the ludicrous teenagers and returned to Hardenfield 40 years later, where director David Gordon Green’s performance was partly corrective, whether it was necessary or not. The whole thing was a joke, and the audience had been telling this terrible joke from the start. All these were enchanted by demons. Take us back to where we started: Michael is the man we see here, but the story belongs to Laurie.

Greene cleverly dispels a series of myths. Neptune’s twisted Halloween 2 introduces Michael Laurie’s brothers and sisters. “this is what people use to scare people,” said a teenager on Halloween morning, strolling through an old street near the 1978 murder of a babysitter, now a state legend. Michael will be taken from one shelter to another, where he will spend. The rest of his life was “pure sin”. But the transfer was not going well. Buses carrying prisoners collided, sent Michael back to the suburbs looking for a butcher’s knife, and fled the notorious night of terror. Laurie waited for Michael to return. She hid in a secret cabin with a box of guns and an underground cabin. She frightened everyone.-Laurie. In life, her daughter (Judy Grael) suffered from tin paranoia and split their relationship-a painful sadness. New Confucianism allowed the Halloween Laurie stage to continue. “the new stealth machine,” she said, was a psychiatrist who was obsessed with finding Michael’s empty eyes and reticent boredom, and soon learned that he would not make much progress in his research.

Of course, if the knife doesn’t work, the whole thing is gone. Green and his writer Danny? McBride and Jeff? In every assassination, Fradley turned Halloween into a self-aware master class. They blend into dialogue, scores and aesthetics-some humor, some exaggeration. This treatment could kill a movie. What needs to be played is not just cheap commercial tricks, but as this update restates the general knowledge of “Halloween,” it reaches a luscious point between discovering new things and revisiting beloved familiar areas. ” Especially the advice that I wouldn’t ruin it here, it was so inspired that Saturday’s audience was ecstatic and I followed them. Various callbacks have also been woven into this world. Storyline: as Michael crawls down the streets of Hardenfield, he turns a blind eye to the victim’s choice, a night of teasing and babysitting. ” In addition to Curtis and Greer, mvp is a lively little boy (Gibril Nantenb) who is acutely aware that he is in a terrible moment. It was there that McBride’s comedian appeared the biggest; Halloween, nothing appeared in a semicircle. It is as destructive as screaming, but its influence on schools is still a miracle.

Green, a jumper who bit his teeth off the quiet Indies before Pineapple Express and strong, showed his deep love for carpenters, even if he didn’t borrow the old director’s dressing skills. Halloween is a masterpiece. It’s a slow burn of patience that makes Halloween a masterpiece, but Greene is making a movie. For carpenters, this leaves something to pursue. Nothing is more dynamic than the memorable perspective that brought Michael Miles to life for the first time, but the green has given us a lot of dread to cheer us up in our absence. One or two might be a little scary, forgetting something we don’t like. Halloween is often the most terrifying. Halloween is hard to please, and while it is not a problem in itself, it eventually shortens the pitch. But after the last half hour of stimulation, it was hardly a big deal. All this is based on Laurie’s moment in the sun or moon. Curtis, gave him a sharp edge. The pain of the character, know how much determination to give to the audience. We felt a catharsis for her and were encouraged by her understanding of the project. “do as I say,” she told her granddaughter (Andy Matticek), as Laurie told Tommy when he was hiding with the monster in 1978. This is the proper summary of the whole event: “do it,” she told her granddaughter (Andy Matticek). As she said, for she was the only one who knew the method of the masked murderer, and the only one who could lead the ordeal to a satisfactory conclusion. The assumption is that there will be no further sequelae. You can never be too sure.

When Green and the cast took the stage as the lights rose at almost 2 a.m., there wasn’t a bleary eye in the house, even for those of us who’d been shlepping in and out of movie screenings for the past 18 hours.

“Happy Halloween, motherfuckers,” Curtis cooed into a microphone. At last, Laurie Strode gets her prize.

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