Halloween Costume Tip-DIY

Every year Halloween people want to choose the best clothes to wear, whether to show off their fun, or to play a role in a horror movie or a TV play. Some people find the clothes they want in the store, while others decide to make their own clothes. There are so many role players in there, they have been living all life. Do it, and enter the competition in comic books. Halloween is coming. Maybe this year is your year to do a DIY Halloween costume. 23 year old Naomi naomimc – she made a name for herself in her signature Hale Quinn (harleyqunlook) “the role playing world >” she has been making it all the time. Her own dress. She’s a big fan of Halley Quinn. “She’s the first astronaut I’m walking far away.” Naomi MC said. I’ve done a lot of things with Michel Pfeiffer’s Carter woman, but Harley has always been very respectful to me… “Michel Pafif Carter woman horns play” (1).Jpgnaomimc owns Michel Pafif (michellepfeaffer) photo of the cat girl: Tim Sride (timschrijneers) photography, she used a lot of supplies when she really entered the role playing. “Because my astronauts are always fabrics, so I always make sure that I have a complete set of sewing needles in every small tin bar box in every size. Hold. The best thing you can do is to cut lines and carefully get the line out. I said carefully, because I destroyed a lot of cloth. Don’t force it out, because you will tear the clothes. “One day, Naomi wanted to make a magical woman’s dress.” she bought the stuff from the EVA foam, Vobra and the heat gun. “How do I When you get yourself up, make sure you have enough space to move, because role play should be comfortable, be careful when you cut yourself off. Prompt, don’t do it yourself! “Once you have a pattern, you’ll be in a bubble.” She liked to use a sharp knife, because it was a good line. In order to cut it down, she also suggested to buy a green cutting board. They made a straight line. “I like to take a ruler, put it on foam, and cut it with a guide.” once there is a shape. “Like, want them to have shape of the body. Heat the foam and then you can start to make it into your body.” Naomi said. She instructed to be careful when using a heat gun, because it will soon become very hot. When working with Wally, everything needs to be done quickly and carefully. Once hot, it is like the “tree” of paper. “Leaves”, therefore, need to be done quickly to get the correct shape. “Contact cement” is essential for making clothing. “Do not apply foam immediately” after the completion of the foam. This will lead to paint that is not sticky on the foam. Always use transparent primer! There are many different kinds of paint from color primer to primer. Primer. And then you can start using your paint to finish your role play. “Naomi offered some advice to those who wanted to do their own clothes.” have fun! Role play should be a way of escaping reality. It should be fun. The other suggestion: that’s it. Your imagination is not limited. And there’s no bad role playing. Don’t let anyone tell you! “This is high school, Halloween is just a few days, instead of buying some expensive things, and taking some of these techniques to design your own clothes!”

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