HOWL-o-ween Americans spend 400 million dollars on pet halloween costumes

According to a consumer survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend $440 million on halloween costumes shop online for their pets this year.

Fur sure.

The dog is gone.

Enough for your claws.

Pun, this is big business. Especially for dogs, they spend money on holiday clothes and things like that. Their animal companions meant a lot to them.

“People really take pets as part of their family,” says Ana Smith, senior director of media relations at the retail group. “Even if they don’t have kids, they still want Halloween or something like that.”

At Sarasota, Scott Webb sold a lot of clothes in his four legged PetSmart store. Superheroes in comics are popular. The same is true of Princess dresses.

On Saturday, Halloween, the owner can bring animals free.

“Interestingly, many people make their own clothes,” Webb said.” Last year, people came in with their own star wars costumes. Jabba the Hutt, and little Chewbaccas and Wookiees.”

Since 2010, the retail alliance has been tracking pet clothing sales. That year, American consumers said they planned to spend 220 million dollars.

Since then, this number has been rising almost every year. By 2014, it’s 350 million dollars. This year, up to 440 million.

In October, more than 28 million pet owners planned to dress up their pets. The most popular halloween costumes shop online are pumpkins, hot dogs, lions, pirates, and bumblebees.

Smith said: “Amazon made lion clothing was very popular last year.” “Online and through social media.”


Costume competition

Dr. Heidi Ward, Sarasota veterinarian, looking at pet costumes became one thing. Halloween traditions are not that far away.

“I want to say about 2000,” she said. “The first game I saw was in Ohio, Columbo.”

In Florida, she and her sheepdog called, and went to the annual HOWL-o-ween costume competition hosted by Sarasota humane society. It’s fun – family fun people and their pets.

“My dog always likes to play,” Ward said. “You know what?”

After his death, the veterinarian began to sponsor the human and social events in his memory.

In recent years, target department stores, WAL-MART and other department stores have joined pet stores to sell clothing. A puppy hat costs 2 dollars. The price of the Martha Stu Voight line ranges from $10 to $20.

Ward appreciates homemade clothes, but doesn’t mind buying clothes. This year, she will wear two dogs for the Twentieth Annual humanitarian Association competition.

She said, “Amy’s going to be a ghost.” “Gracie doesn’t like to dress up, so she’s going to be a dog, or maybe a princess.”

Batman and SpongeBob SquarePants

Webb started working in PetsMart five years ago. Halloween sales have been strong. Pet owners enter the festival spirit.

“It’s always a big thing,” he said. “At the beginning, we used to parade around the halloween costumes shop online. We will vote for the best clothes and give them a gift card.”

Now, shops do Halloween photos for more than 100 pets and pet owners on Saturday.

The puppy wears more than the big dog. Dogs are bigger than cats.

“As we all know, cats don’t like to wear anything,” Webb said. They tend to carry their legs back and try to take them off.

Sometimes he sees pets and owners wearing matching outfits. Police and robbers. The stripes of the inmates. Batman and Superman

“This year, we’ve got SpongeBob SquarePants,” he said. “No Trump yet.”

PetsMart started selling Halloween costumes and September August. Holiday calendars tend to run ahead of schedule. Christmas shopping is going to happen soon.

“It’s becoming more and more commercialized,” Webb said. “We already have Halloween items. It’s unbelievable. How fast!”

Accessories, too

In the wet nose, a Sarasota beautician and pet boutique in the main street in Sarasota, Audrey Kavanagh greet customers with British accent. Her countrymen like to dress the dog, but they’re not interested in weird clothes.

“It’s a bigger deal here, and of course – Halloween is a bigger deal in general,” she said. “There’s a lot of clothing and competition. It’s interesting, different. People like to dress animals. They love their children.”

Kavanagh’s store in pet clothing and accessories is year-round business. Buy product collar and harness, shirt and vest, hat and bow.

“In this environment, people buy Sunglasses and sun hats,” she said. Little boots to protect your feet.”

Kavanagh has her own three Chihuahua dolls. They don’t have Halloween plans, even though she likes to wear matching halloween costumes shop online.

“I like it, but only they like it.” She said with a smile. “The other two, they refuse to move angrily.”

“That’s what the dog gave you. That’s gratitude.”

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