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Low Maintenance Bob Hair Cut Style

There is nothing more than hearing the words low maintenance when your hairstylist is trying to pitch you a new look. As much as we all love the fun and feisty baby bangs or asymmetrical cuts, sometimes we are just not in the mood for a high-maintenance hairstyle.

If you are looking to make a chop, you may want to check out the bob style because after all, it is officially the year of the bob haircut. The popularity of bob hairstyle shows no sign of slowing down.

The bob is a universally flattering style no matter what your face shape is.

Earlier this year, there was the chic French girl bob sweeping our social media feeds and many women loved how low maintenance and chic this style is. More recently, the ‘boy band bob’ was trending. 

This style is great for those who do not want to take too many inches off. Besides these two styles, there are also the shaggy bob, sliced bob, micro bob and asymmetrical bob to choose from.

Once you have decided on the bob style, it is time to choose how you want your hair to part. There is something super cool about a side part bob. It gives out a nonchalant, edgy and flattering vibe unlike a bob with fringe or center parting. A side parting bob suits all face shapes and helps to frame features. 

This parting style is exceptionally versatile and looks good when flipped over to one side with tousled wave style or just simply slick down with a wet look finish. This makes it a favorite options for many women out of all the many different bob trends available.

Swept Over Side Bob

This swept-over, super nonchalant style is a great low maintenance choice. For this look, the messier it is, the better it will be. 

Beachy Side Part Bob

A beachy wave bob hair with blunt side part is one of the favorite looks of all time.

Super Short Side Part Bob

This style is so short and it is almost like a pixie cut. With the front section longer, this super short part bob offers versatility while remaining low maintenance. 

Asymmetrical Part Bob

The asymmetrical bob haircut is the epitome of chic with an edgy vibe. A slightly longer layers at the front is a great way to cut thicker hair that helps to frame the face perfectly.

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