So, a Handmaid’s Tale Halloween costumes actually exists. Discuss.

Halloween costumes are not just terrible zombies and folklore witches. People are getting more and more (in order to keep # related), people are looking for popular culture, especially for our favorite TV series and Halloween costumes inspired by the film.


Last year, the stranger’s thing was a horror of love, eleven and wholesale halloween costumes, all the best * can be seen everywhere. this year?

The maid’s story maids look like a popular competitor. (Disclaimer: There is no way to treat it as a sexy dress, so before you consider to give up).


This dress is essentially a red cloak and a white hat, it is easy to DIY, and the complete costume can even be purchased online (see below), let us think it will attract lazy Halloween carnival and pop music culture obsession


But, of course, taking into account the sensitive subject, the equipment will definitely cause eyebrows. For any who do not understand it, Margaret Atwood (Margaret Atwood) adapted into a dystopian future, that is a totalitarian regime, all the rights of women to eliminate from the rule.

The disguised maid was forced to breed the baby for the highest level of society.


It was dark, but that was Halloween.

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