Sexy ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Halloween costume sparks outrage

Oppression, it turns out, may not be sexy at all. Yandy, an online retailer, listed a “brave red girl” Halloween costume for nearly $65, referring to the costumes that were forced to wear surrogate clothes in the hulu series “the maid’s story.” This provocative interpretation includes a red cloak, a miniskirt and a white hat.

A dismal dystopian future has emerged, and women no longer have a say, “the description says. “however, we said to be bold, put on this very brave red girl dress, and say what you think.” Halloween costumes immediately sparked outrage on social media. One twitter user shared a screenshot of the costume, adding sarcastically, “nothing is as sexy as a rape victim for Halloween fun.”

Another user said, “I can’t even do that,” added another. “our society doesn’t pay attention to raping real women. “Why do they take rape of fictional women seriously?” yandy responded to the growing controversy by removing the list from its website. The Phoenix-based company issued an apology to replace the previous clothing link. “over the past few hours, it has become clear that our ‘yandy’s brave red girls’ dress is being seen as a symbol of female oppression, not as a manifestation of women’s empowerment,” the clothing retailer said. This is unfortunate because it is not our intention at any level. ”

“Given the support we have received from so many personal stories and the sincere and heartfelt response, we are removing clothes from our website,” the statement continued. “The iconic red cloak in Margaret Atwood’s”The Story of the Maid”has become a feminist protest against the world. Demonstrators recently wore the costume at the Supreme Court nomination ceremony of Brett kavanaugh. In fact, Yandi revealed that the symbols of resistance influenced what many people thought were disgusting Halloween costumes.

Our first inspiration for this work was the use of it as a powerful protest image in recent months, “the statement said.” “our customers who support us feel comfortable with their skin, no matter who they are or what they choose to wear,” Youndy added. Our business philosophy is rooted in women’s empowerment and gender empowerment in general. ”


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