Stella Maxwell, Elsa hosk and Josephine wrote model Cheap Sexy Lingerie in Vitoria’s Secret Chin – dropping holiday 2017 business

The new Victoria secret holiday 2017 finally came out.

This Christmas theme of the special features of the corresponding shooting supermodel in the business – including Ambrosio, Stella Maxwell, Elsa Hosk and Josephine Skriva – but Transformers director Michael Bay is responsible for.

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Ladies are seen as in the country’s air because they show their stunning gym numbers and wear satin and lace Cheap Sexy Lingerie.

It looks like the Bay’s inspiration from the old western movies as majestic seven and the big fugitive duel for the ladies to come to strict gun rigging.

Depression, like a woman entering a deadly deadlock, is placed in a lush 80 million dollar ranch.

But few clothes can be seen – jeans and shirts are out of date, so VS underwear can be fully exposed.

The only exception is chapped, it pops out a few show.

These women were found in Aspen Colorado at the end of the summer.

They also share a week’s filming through Instagram. Now look at what the final result is, and it’s very interesting now.

Women see them in the face of the storm and rely on healthy horses and cowboy hats.

There are many familiar faces in long video, more like a mini movie than a short advertisement.

Alessandra stood out, and there was one of the most impressive.

But of course there is not a bad one in the crowd, because all the ladies look unbelievable.

The woman also walks in the field and supports the hut porch.

Finally, they all gathered in a Four Seasons Hotel that looked huge. They smile each other to prepare for the happy time.


There is no one in the crowd.

The overall feeling is the hustle and bustle of the country song home in the west of the United States.

They are photographing Taylor Hill, Lais Ribeiro, Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Adriana Lima, Niki Baratta, Jen King, Lily Aldrich, Behati Prince, Behati Prince.

Hill looks beautiful in her tight jeans with a silk bra and a jewel Boli tie cowboy hat.

The 21 year old Illinois local also proposed strijd, a 22 year old spectator from Holland.

Stridj is wearing a lace guy in her image sharing Instagram a pair of very small underwear.

Hosk looks sensational in a white leather jacket, white boots and a matched white cowboy hat.

The 28 year old Sweden was happy on the floor and put it with her legs.

Tookes stands in a black dress, including bras and skirts with boots and hats.

Ribeiro’s adventurous leather pants and cowboy boots were wearing her satin purple bras.

Swanepoel showed her almost bare in suppi leggings.

A mother also has thin Cheap Sexy Lingerie and bra that she guides her cowboy.

The beautiful 28 year old blonde, of course, was made of boots and a cream cowboy hat.

This is displayed and played in China.

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