Selena Quintanilla’s sister Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Costumes: she looks really Latin

halloween costumes

Kim Kardashian dressed halloween costumes up as the Halloween music singer Selena Quintanilla this year when the Internet has a wide range of hot feelings.

One said: “Kim Kardashian is wearing Selena makes me uncomfortable.” Another said, “one part of me is the bad Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena’s Halloween. I doubt how great she is to her. ” But Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla, only Kardashian’s clothes choose love.

The queen of love Tex-Mex Queen’s sister comes out when the power of the host radio station is 106. Losangeles tells Suzette that Kardashian’s Halloween allegiance to Selena is all the other stars — Demi Lovato and the American Ferreira — who tries to embody the holiday’s late singer in her favorite. Suzette agreed and praised Kardashians.

Although some fans think Kardashian is not enough fans to Selena, Suzette said, Kardashian is a late artist in music for many years lover: “a lot of people do not know, but I was a good friend of Adrienne Baron,” said Suzette, Bailon and Rob Kardashian review. “She was on the phone and Courtney – Rob [Kardashian] and all the background and they all sing the music of my sister.”

“They’re a big fan of our music,” she said. “So she’s wearing such a dress, and it’s not a big surprise to me.” This is absolutely a great honor. ”

Suzette also insisted on Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner, who made fans just wear the Selena T – shirt 2016. A hot Selena fan wrote at the time, “Kylie Jenner is wearing Selena shirt, but I bet her ass doesn’t even know what Carmola Flor is.” But Suzette is not angry at Jenner wear TEE: “then I want to commemorate Kylie last year Jenna Selena shirts, it didn’t come as a surprise, not,” she said, “because they are Selena and fans of our music, so this is cool.”

For Suzette, all this has left her sister’s legacy alive. “Anyone represents it, it’s cool. It’s just more power. More power, Selena, “she said.

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