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Street Style and Its Impact on Fashion

When we think of fashion and this universe, the first thing we have in mind are fashion shows with different charming and modern looks.

However, not everything revolves around glamour, quite the contrary, most of these pieces are almost always not accessible to all social classes.

That’s where a trend comes in that never goes out of style and that is highly accessible to all social classes: street style, which is a totally opposite style to the one known in fashion magazines, which is something related to street fashion and what people actually use it during their day to day life.

There are no rules or secrets, as it is an individual style, based on what we use in our day-to-day, also includes accessories that transmit your style and your personal personality, which includes comfortable pieces that encompass several occasions.

This style presents real-life fashion, the kind that happens every day in different places. And it is no coincidence that this trend has revolutionized the fashion world, making it much more fun and democratic. Focusing on a style that comes directly from everyday life, where people have total and complete freedom to dare and express how they really are, and create their own style. The inspiration for street style is individual, coming from comfort and convenience, while still being beautiful and stylish.

In order to understand this fashion style, it is necessary to understand the term, which is basically street style, so it is the trend of looks used by ordinary people in their daily lives. However, that doesn’t stop them from being stylish looks and mostly full of personality. By the way, a word that defines the concept well is personality, since each person has their own style, the result of several different influences.

Street style began to attract the attention of fashionistas several years ago, even more so with the popularization of social networks. Today with the internet, it is much easier and more practical to share different everyday

Furthermore, this trend, which is not recent but which has been much more explored lately, is a form of liberation and also a way of showing one’s individual style.

According to the proposal, you are the one who makes fashion. And this is something very present in street style since authenticity is what defines its style.

And make no mistake, street style fashion is not just limited to comfortable pieces, but a combination of colors, textures, accessories and everything else that creativity allows. It is a way of expressing yourself and valuing your personal tastes.

To choose your style, the tip is to know yourself well and what you like. Observing which trends suit you the most, and which styles you like the most and especially, which pieces of your wardrobe you wouldn’t give up. In the case of us women, the key pieces of this style are shorts, jeans that are pieces that never go out of style, dresses, leather jackets, t-shirts, sneakers and so on.

But most importantly: don’t be afraid to dare and be who you are. This trend gives you the freedom to use and abuse your creativity

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