The athletes took 2017 pieces of Halloween costumes to match.

halloween costumes

Star athletes like Lebron James and Stephen Currie are likely to play the role of Halloween in their fans, but that doesn’t mean players can’t dress themselves!

With Halloween landing on Tuesday this year, celebrations throughout the world run throughout the weekend and the first two days.

For example, Lebron on Monday, the rest of the group held a masquerade as his teammates. The host wears a scary reality outfit clown Pennywise from the popular movie ‘it’s face paint will linger on fans and opponents all have nightmares.

This year, curry got inspiration from the movie, put on the iconic “horror” movie puzzle, and even continued to work on a bicycle.

Basketball is not the only 2017 players to participate in halloween. Randy Moss and Charles retired football player Woodson decided to dress up as the other side of this year, Tom Brady and his wife Connor McDavid and avocado toast on the ghizar NHL Edmonton oilers caused a sensation when he and his girlfriend dressed as Donald and Melania Trump.

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