The Donald Trump hat and mask were supposed to be used as Halloween costumes during the president’s cancelled visit to Britain

The cheap store created a limited edition of limited edition for national events in October, but left a bit of trouble when the visit was cancelled.

As a result, stores call all cheap hunters “cheap hunters” to help them out of stock by wholesale halloween costumes.


However, its left few unsuspecting consumers were shocked and confused by its Pro Card merchandise.

Flo Blackbourn, 21, sees a row of trump goods at her local store in Aberdeen, union avenue.

She angrily complained Facebook about the merchandise inventory, but was happy when she told it that it was part of a series of jokes.

Flo said: “I first noticed the garlands and flags, so I think this is really a pro ace commodity.”. I was shocked. They sold things to support Trump.


“I think it’s funny because it’s a joke because it shows that even the big company thinks he’s a joke.”

“But at the same time, I don’t think Trump is a lot of fun.”

Reassured her mother, the answer to her confusion, Facebook, said: “the range of Donald Trump is part of our Halloween series.”

“This is part of a series of jokes we’re going to buy in britain. Given that his visit won’t happen very soon, we think the only way to sell it is part of wholesale halloween costumes.


The sale of shares includes the Donald Trumpchet mask, his signature “let the United States again big hat and red tie”, Trump theme Golf and small swing head of the president.

“The scope of creation is ahead of his UK visit, but that’s not going to happen,” said Barry Williams, the head of the transaction. “The only way we want to sell our products is to encourage customers to come up with an unusual way to use it.”.

The Halloween range is perfect. Just wait, until you see Donald Trump’s mask, they may be the scariest thing we’ve ever sold.”

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