The long Phoenix clothing and magic shop closed 72 years later

halloween costumes

One of Feinikesi’s oldest family businesses, many people’s Halloween staple, announced on Friday that it will be closed in 72 years.

Isle’s interesting store has fixed points at 509 W. Mcdowell Road, decades of Facebook web bulletin.

Dear friends and family;

After 72 years of family business, we decided to become a family. This will be our last Halloween. Thank you for the love and support you have been to me for years. We like to be part of your life.

The Isle family

The message did not specify the exact date or reason for closing.

The fans of the store reacted immediately.

“Oh, no… I just like to go there to buy so many wig and stuff, even if it’s not Halloween. “I love you, thank you for your wonderful memories,” a customer wrote in a Facebook post review.

“The scoundrel. “Thank you for your memories,” the other said.

“As a child, my father and I spent a lot of time in the easley. He always praises you. “I hope you can enjoy your time with your family,” added another commentary on Friday evening’s more than 200 commentaries.

Bert Easley, the founder of the store, was opened in 1947, and the former juggling magician was named “long” and “storage”. It started as a magic shop, and then extended to the gifts and novelties of clothing, accessories and other jokes.

Since then, it has been run by a family generation.

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