Four new iron ladies mask added to halloween costumes line.

halloween costumes

It’s too early to start thinking about the next Halloween costumes. Two years ago, the “Iron Lady” and “prank or entertaining” studio launched a series of new Eddie masks and clothes, and now they have reintroduced four new catalogues.

This time, “top is high”, “somewhere, the last frontier and the number of new faces of the beast devil signs, all of which can be pre ordered now. Their entry to the existing line has included a virgin album of the same name depicted in the Eddie cup, the heart of the killer, the Powerslave (as a pharaoh mummy) and the book of the soul. A complete set of ideological clothes is also provided.

Of course, there are still a lot of Eddie’s incarnations to draw from the next line, if you need a review to see all the ways Eddie has changed in the iron lady’s work.

Last year, the girl ended his support for the book of the soul and was preparing for another tour to celebrate their historical catalogue, named “the bequest of wild animals”. So far, only the date of Europe has been announced. You can view a list here.

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