The twin sisters in Hillsborough and Sommerville Excel as the class teacher

Kerry Kuboski Foote, the first grade teacher in fandeweier primary school, has been nominated for the award for the famous halloween costumes life of 2017-18 years.

Annual life change is an annual plan that acknowledges K-12 educators and school employees throughout the country. The plan celebrates the difference in life, the positive influence and the leadership of the students in the life of the students.

Foote and her twin sister, Courtney Kuboski, have 2005 of the graduates in Somerville Immaculata high school. They attend Poughkeepsie, Marist College NY, 2009 graduated from primary school and special education degree.

Foote has 8 years in the vanderwal school; a special education teacher Kuboski spent 8 years in the delta school massacre as a regional language learning disabilities in the classroom.

Last spring, Foote was named teacher of the year in Veer; six months later, Courtney received the honour of the school in the triangle.

In January 2017 98.3 Foote was appointed the 2017 magic magic teacher, on behalf of Somerset, Middlesex University Teachers in Hunterdon county. Two weeks later, Kuboski received the news that she was in the 24 Choice Award and the magic.

The nuns extended their academic vision to the walls of the classroom.

Working with a close colleague, they created a business 4 years ago called “their eyes apple”, there are nearly 6000 followers on Instagram, the sales and sharing plans, work table, center activities, and in the popular website project concept, teacher teacher.

Teachers are paid through social media and teachers, and they are in contact with and collaborate with national teachers. In addition, over the past two years, their eyes have begun to teach peer educators in a variety of professional development workshops.

Recently, they have expanded their businesses, created their own online market educators, buying and selling secondhand or unnecessary personal ownership of classroom halloween costumes projects.

The website is apple made by their businesses and their eyes. The purpose is to let teachers earn extra money to sell personal materials, they no longer use, while giving teachers a place to buy discount goods in their classroom.

Kuboski’s support for the twin sisters in her life changing web site:

“Kerry Foote is the absolutely perfect recipient of this award. She continued to surpass to meet the needs of the students and the school community. Keri is a model of his contemporaries. She was proved to be the source of endless encouragement, advice and ideas.

She is always sharing material and resources with her colleagues. Keri is deeply loved by every student. As her twin sister, I stopped asking me almost every day “Mrs. Foote”. When I told them I was her sister, their faces lit up, and they asked, “can you tell her I say, ‘Hi!’! She has become a model of the community and continues to touch the lives of all the people she has come into contact with. Kerry Foote is worth the prize!! ”

The goal of the foundation is supported by the national life group and the national life group foundation. It supports non-profit organizations and educational organizations by offering grants, sponsorship activities, and in kind donations.

A series of awards were selected from the national life team, ranging from 10000 US dollars to 2500 dollars. Half of the bonuses were awarded to the winners, and the other half was awarded to his / her school.

Foote was nominated by her colleague, Lindsay Frevert.

In a letter from the school staff, Veer’s second master Susan Moran was quoted in a letter from Margaret Meade.

Never believe that some people who care for others can’t change the world. Because, in fact, this is all the people. ” Margaret Meade.

“I am very honored that Kerry Foote has been nominated as the pride of the 2017-2018 annual life change annual award, an honor recognized by the national life group,” Moran said.

“When I talked to Keri about her nomination, she replied,” I do not meet this condition. I don’t change my life. ” I disagree with Keri’s point of view. The most important thing is the “small” thing. Do you disagree? I firmly believe that people change their lives every day by sharing their passion, commitment, and talent; indeed, this is Kerry Foote.

“I know, I can confidently say, in one way or another Kerry Foote has affected you: maybe one unit of resources, treat in your mailbox, celebrated as a school, obtained from a workshop tip, a holiday center thought, from video sharing a smile. So, your students benefit a lot.

“Sharing and displaying Margaret Meade’s words is still true, it’s a message to change life,” Moran said.

Frevert’s nomination article is as follows:

“Ms. Foote, she is taught every year as a turning point in life. Her enthusiasm and love for her students and colleagues is obvious and infectious. Everyone wants to be a better educator because of the motivation and effort she brings every day.

“Ms. Foote is an innovative leader, because she finds new ways of teaching and the constant classroom environment, and welcomes every student to create.

“When you walk into Keri’s room, you think such a positive energy,” Frevert says. ” Her students have a chance to sit down and learn a variety of ways. There are pillows, laundry baskets, table pedals, saucer seats, etc. for use by students.

“Flexible seats are a large part of Ms. Foote’s class, and determine how they work best to decide how they will sit or stand. This allows students to have their own learning independence.

“Ms. Foote’s students learn in a different way. They are on the computer, in the small groups, on the sand, using the QR code, or taking their own iPad practice fluently. In different holidays, students will use Frankenstein when reading fingers, or use special holiday glasses when editing. The students also put on the doctor’s clothes when they dissected the words. Her creativity is incredible, and all the students like it.

“During the past year, Ms. Foote opened her own library when she was in a special event in her room. The students were excited to buy books, the principals, the school librarians, and even the mascots of the school. This little thing is very special to her students. Students have a variety of needs, when they enter the Foote room, and she does all she can ensure that their needs are satisfied.

“Ms. Foote is not only the lead in the classroom, but it’s good in the community. She is a member of many committees in the school district. She helped organize the winter literacy night, and read American events. These events are all running perfectly, and MS. Foote has set up all the time beforehand. Every time she holds an event, she works perfectly because of her promise.

MS Foote also in the moonfish Committee, and a variety of activities for employees. She is always ready to help make cupcakes or give employees some food to eat. She is always very helpful at the holiday party, always bringing interesting games on the table. Ms. Foote also shared her professional knowledge through my District teacher professional development workshop.

“Ms. Foote is always willing to do anything that needs to be done. If there is a flyer that needs to be hit, she will do it. If you need a stamina or a reading record, she will do it. The course has been revised, and MS. Foote has been helping her where she can go.

“She provides an activity center to help the teacher’s implementation. Foote is an extraordinary center of manufacturing activity, always willing to ask any grade center. No matter what she does, she shares her with her. She is currently on maternity leave, but she is still sending emails of various activities for use in every grade. Her own team often receives e-mails from what she collated.

“Ms. Foote is a natural teacher. She is not only her student, but also a model of the staff. Ms. Foote always tries to find a way to remind her students and her colleagues that they have a good way. She always prepares Halloween costumes for students in case they may not.

“One of the ways she made a commitment to her students was a few years ago, when one of her students was diagnosed with ALD. She was a person meeting with her parents to express the anxiety she had seen in the classroom. Because of her communication with her parents, they knew what was wrong. Her students were sent to Minnesota for a bone marrow transplant. She and Frevert know they need to visit him.

This is the greatest experience, not only for her students, but also for his parents. At Ms. Foote’s students, they also taught him to become a member of their family at home. Ms. Foote continued to keep in touch with her classmates when they left her room. She wanted them to know that she was always there to support them. ”

The boy’s mother, Frevert, said it was also posted on the life change website:

In reading the description of the award, I can wholeheartedly say that Keri fully embodies the ideal life for the year award! Keri has their own knowledge of each student, and uses their ability to work, and encourages them to do their best as much as possible.

Few parents can say that, but I can honestly say that Keri has not only changed, but also saved my son’s life!

“When Keri took my son 5 years ago in her third grade class, she noticed that he was in focus and ultimately led him to be diagnosed with metabolic diseases known to have some inconsistencies adrenoleukodystropy late; to two bone marrow transplantation required in his brain to save his illness.

In retrospect, these symptoms have been in existence for several years, but these symptoms are often similar to ADHD and other attention related learning disabilities.

However, Keri knew my son very well, and noticed that these problems were not only a learning disability or unruly behavior. Some things are very bad. This is her observation and action, so that if his diagnosis is made, and if she does not pursue it, and work with us to determine the reason, my son will not live today.

Since then, Keri has continued to go beyond my son and support his achievements in many ways. In receiving his transplant, she came from New Jersey to visit his hospital in Minnesota.

She was a very difficult time for my family brought sunshine, as she continued and when we stay close, she brought joy to him, because he has experienced depression, make him feel special, because he has learned to adapt to him because of the disease causes many disabled. Keri’s enthusiasm and positive energy affected everyone who was in contact with her. Both in the classroom and in the daily life, she is the kind of teacher that can use more in the world!

“There’s one of the more worthy awards,” Frevert said. I was lucky not only to have Keri as a colleague, but also to be my friend. It’s a Keri prize. “

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