You should avoid 7 inappropriate Halloween costumes this year

Almost! Officially down, which means Halloween is coming – we can’t be excited anymore. This is indeed the most wonderful moment of the year. Clothes, guilt free sweets and parties – what’s better? Speaking of clothes, Halloween costumes were simple. Witches, nurses, zombie brides, vampires and ghosts appear on all the eve of Hallow, as the most popular clothes. But things have changed, not the best way.

Nowadays, it seems that many people have decided to wholesale halloween costumes or use their clothes to make a bold statement. Unfortunately, more times than not, these statements are racist or anti Semitism, for example, Julianne Hough for orange is the new black eyes, black face and all the madness.

Fortunately, a beautiful dress can still be found without offending anyone. Here’s a couple of things you must avoid this year, and avoid it every year.

Any “bad cop”

As we said before, let’s say it again: Blackface is bad. So hold on to the real color of your skin. It’s ridiculous to dress up your favorite celebrity as your favorite celebrity instead of fooling yourself and offending the whole community. Blackface is shameful, mean, just racist.

Dear white, Sam might put it in the best possible position:

“When you laugh at or despise us, you enforce the existing system.”. The police were everywhere staring at the barrel of the black man who did not look at them. They saw a cartoon, a thug, a word. So…… No You can’t appear in the Halloween Costume version of us, claiming irony or ignorance. Not anymore.”

Racial discrimination

Racist clothing does not stop in black. We continue to see year after year: Native American clothing, sexy Geishas, drunken band giants, fake beards and cloaks, and they need to leave. We know you might want to wholesale halloween costumes to show your appreciation of other cultures, but what you do is not cultural misappropriation – because you continue to perpetuate racial stereotypes, which is actually not tiring.


Transphobic apparel

Because it is, the LGBTQ community has been marginalized, especially across communities. There are endless jokes in people making sacrifices, and your “funny tranny grandma” costume doesn’t make things better. Transsexuals are not clothing. It stops.

Victims of abuse and their abusers

We like lovers wear! The person who convinces you to wear matching clothes for Halloween may be the most lovely thing, but do you know it is not very cute? When you use Halloween to recreate someone’s most fragile and broken moments, and turn it into a costume. Please do not use your false black eyes and lips to destroy the victims of cruelty, and do not try to cover up their pain by covering up your pain.

Homeless people

Homelessness is a serious problem all over the world. People are trying to find food and a warm place to rest. You might think your cardboard symbols are funny, but pretending to be homeless is a joke, incredibly callous.

The tragedy of a nation

Another note on the outfit: do you remember the couple who made up the Twin Towers on 9/11 anniversary? Yes, you should avoid doing that.

Anything that needs a fat coat

The need to make fun of a person’s body in a fat suit is not funny and totally inappropriate.

Happy Halloween! Keep safe and considerate when you pick the stolen goods.

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