Seven Halloween costumes for New Yorkers this year


Halloween is in front of us, New York. The city is preparing to get more people than usual to wholesale halloween costumes┬ádress in their towns in order to celebrate weird, weird festivals. You’re almost sure to see a lot of people dressed up as cats and skeletons at town parties, but we’re here to help you take your clothes down to the next floor. With this in mind, there are seven clothing innovations for new yorkers.

1. On the beach of Chris Christie: the fourth weekend of the summer of last year, New Jersey beach closed budget impasse, but this did not prevent New Jersey governor Chris Christie and his family to absorb some light along the coast. It’s not too much to wear a costume to commemorate this selfish move, except for a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, a hat, a lawn chair, and the general contempt for your welfare.

2. Judge Aaron: it’s probably a part of baseball in most parts of the country But it’s perfect for new yorkers. The freshness of a collapsing crash, this clothing cannot be more timely. Reclaim your old graduation gown, wear your favorite baseball cap, and prepare to drink a series of world events that are enough to forget Bronx bombers blowing themselves up.

3. This old bridge: this piece of New York’s infrastructure may be gone, but the spirit will never forget. You don’t even need a suit of clothes to do this “costume” job. Simply go to your party, standing between two friends (one from Brook forest, one from Queens), and then fell to the ground. People will get it, we swear.

4. The fearless girl walks with a pee dog: the next iconic Taurus unveiled by the brave girl statue, Wall Street, just last March, international women’s day. Two months later, the New York – artist Alex Gardega temporarily installed a girl next to a peeing dog, which caused a lot of controversy in the process. Combined with these cultural activities this year to wholesale halloween costumes, you will be in your party.

5. James Murphy: New York’s beloved LCD Soundsystem returned to break with the new album earlier this year, and the group’s former people seven years later (James Murphy) said they were asked to quit as well. To take off this dress successfully, bring a disco ball and a white t-shirt. Then leave the party early, tell everyone you’re going home tonight, a couple of hours before you come back, and don’t understand why everyone is unhappy with you.

6. F train: this costume is unbelievable. In order to best simulate the city’s most unreliable subway lines, don’t go to your party. When your friend asks you where you are, simply say you are “delayed by the train traffic ahead”, “you are sorry for the inconvenience.”

7. Wild hope Park squirrel: when a squirrel bites people and runs in hope Park, meme must follow. Where there are memes, there’s wholesale halloween costumes. The squirrel dressed like this should be the tricky part of simply imitating the taste of its fanatical blood.

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