5 fun hungry traps, Halloween costumes ideas, killing your Instagram game

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you are my man. In fact, Halloween is the only holiday I officially admit, except for my birthday. Besides, if there’s one thing I know, love is a thirst trap. So, in order to combine my two areas of expertise, I’ve collected an interesting list of ideas for trapping wholesale halloween costumes. No, I’m not just talking about “sexy cops”, “sexy nurses” or “hot fire fighters.” Thirsty trap clothing can not be too obvious. Otherwise, you’re on the verge of despair. This is not a fraternity party, when you were in your freshman year. (or maybe, but we can do better.)

The demand for wholesale halloween costumes with several components of hunger and thirst will be successful. It’s partial and a little funny (it’s important), instagrammable can make you look and feel good. That’s a lot of moving parts. So, in order to avoid emotional swings, it’s figuring out what to wear Halloween, which lists sexy, interesting, thirsty clothes that can be worn on halloween. I guarantee you will get a lot of likes online and IRL.

1. Sexy avatar, $25, Amazon

When I found this outfit, I thought, “Wow, that’s definitely what I’m going to do for Halloween.” “To me, nothing is sexier than from Afanda Na’vi.” They are in good health, mentally, make love, tie their braids together, and care about the environment. Talking about being awakened!

A fitting body suit is also very pleasing, and this is a great opportunity to have fun and fun makeup, Halloween is like this. There are informative tutorials about this online lot, including this one:
You can also buy a wig and an avatar make-up box, Amazon to complete your whole sexy.

2. Sexy girl, $30, Amazon


Want to be a female icon for Halloween? The first real heroine on the big screen? A record breaking man? Kick ass? Well, here’s your outfit. I can say for certain that I have seen the film 12 times, and I bought the iTunes. I’m a little excited about it.

Fortunately, you can buy crown, tiara and wrist guards to fully complete your appearance, all on the Amazon, too.

3. a foot, 40 dollars, Amazon


I don’t need to tell you the foot fetish is one of the most common problems are. So if you want to be real sexy, dress up as a foot for halloween. I know what you’re thinking: a foot? It’s not hot. But I believe, as long as your toes through the door, you will get uninterrupted at any party concerned.

4. Sexy Princess Leah, $25, Amazon


In order to commemorate the memory of Queen Cary Fisher, dressed as Princess Leia Halloween, because there is no better way to remember a female legend than a little Cosplay.
If you want to turn this into a couple costume, you can have your remarkable other attire of Jabba’s lodge.

5. Sexy minions, $55, Amazon

If you want to pass a complete Halloween night did not speak, just strange sounds, and then dressed as a sexy. It’s a great costume for a group of friends, because when you drink too much and start hitting each other and start talking with your tongue, people think you’re in character, not embarrass yourself. Look, I’m not only giving you the idea of clothing, but I’m looking for you.

Do you have Sexy Halloween Costume recommendations, in addition to a foot or a sexy avatar? Please let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll steal a halloween. Although I might get a lot of clothes with the feet, the website loves the dark.

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