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All the Ways We Styled Activewear, Check Feelingirldress

As many of you may notice, modern activewear is more than just a pair of old-fashioned sneakers, uncomfortable sports bra, and stretched joggers. Activewear is everything for the modern fashionista. It is her everyday wear, street style outfit, and even party look. You might think that wearing sports pieces is boring, as there are not many options for styling them into new, unbelievable looks. Today’s article is going to prove your guesses wrong because we are going to talk about all the exciting ways to style your activewear this year. From simple sweatsuit set wholesale, cute sports skirts, and tight cycling shorts, to regular leggings and tops, which one of these options will be your to-go look?

If you are a regular visitor of a dance studio or spend an hour on the tennis court, then you definitely have one of these side slit tennis skirts. They are breezy and don’t shackle the moves during practice. Throw an oversized cropped hoodie, and a pair of beach sandals to turn this sport look into casual attire.

A long-sleeved cropped top, with matching leggings, looks pretty wearable as it is. Yet, you can make it even more appropriate for daytime by wearing a simple sweater, o a jacket tied on the waistline. You can get this sweatsuit for your look at Feelingirldress. Wondering what other people think of the store? Check out some of the recent Feelingirldress reviews to learn more about these pieces.

Mid-thigh shorts, with a tight waistband, are perfect for both intensive workouts at the gym and leisure time. Just throw a loose sweater, sweatshirt, or button-up shirt over the top, and complete the look with crocks, or some home slippers. You will love the way this outfit looks, and how comfortable it is to wear.

Classic black leggings, suitable for workout, are very popular among those fashionistas, who sacrifice neither style nor comfort. Of course, the very first thing that comes to your mind is to wear them with white sneakers, but what about a pair of high heels? Heels will turn this outfit upside down, taking the look to a whole new level.

Sports jumpsuit doesn’t need too much to look great as casual wear. They are one of those versatile pieces, that are both functional, and good-looking. Thought, you may need to get used to wearing such a tight jumpsuit as an athleisure look. Try combining it with a padded blazer, and combat boots.

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