Another Monster Truck event: Halloween party

BRISTOL — The MetroPCS Monster Truck Mash will bring eight of the coolest monster trucks and the first trick-or-treat party of the year to celebrate the Halloween spirit at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday, Oct. 27.

Monster trucks will be performing including snake bite x termites, ice cream creamers, black horses, overhunting, buckling, tail wing and predators. The eight trucks will compete in two areas: racing and freestyle. “We’re looking forward to celebrating Halloween with some of the coolest monster trucks,” said Jerry Caldwell, executive vice president and general manager of Bristol Express. “everyone should come. Take advantage of the first technique-or the treatment of opportunity. ” Wear their favorite clothes and collect food in the infield. ”

Fans should open the door at 1 pm for the metropcs monster truck trunk or reception party, where children are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes. All eight truck drivers can meet and greet and hand out candy to the hide-and-seek. The party will also host a best costume competition, when visitors should also come up with a wonderful costume competition. The seat on this big truck costs only $10 per person.

“We are delighted to be a sponsor of the Bristol motorway (bristol motorway), a large family-friendly event,” said Quenton Hocstella (quinton hoekstra), marketing manager at metropcs. We are committed to serving the three cities and this event provides us with a great opportunity to share a great wireless experience. We look forward to seeing everyone on the highway in October. ” The exhibition will begin at 3 pm. In addition to large trucks, the event will include bandits’ large racing cars and some of the most impressive jet engines, including jet mop machines, jet station wagons and Polaris jets. Fans can visit any participating metropcs store in October to get a chance to win tickets. Bristol Metropolitan will host a monster truck party at the store of 971 volunteers in Pooey. 


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