How to Choose the Right Winter Boots for Your Outfit
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How to Choose the Right Winter Boots for Your Outfit

If there is an essential accessory in cold weather, it’s booted, after all, there’s no way to leave the house in a period of intense cold without them to protect our feet. Thinking more about fashion and style, this question always comes to our minds (especially for us women): is it possible to choose boots according to our clothes? , and the answer is very simple: it’s not only easy but also very practical and below I’ll bring you some options.

-Padded boots: Snowstorms can come up that day when you need to go to work and you can’t miss it.One option to keep your feet warm are padded boots, which in addition to keeping your feet warm, promote stability (because the soles of these boots have an anti-slip system).

-Boots with Thick/Thin Heels: When you don’t have snow, it’s possible to be a little more daring with your shoes, isn’t it?, boots with thick heels are an option for the day.

In addition to providing stability, this model can promote lightness, making you spend the whole day with it without your legs getting tired.

Thin heels, on the other hand, are indicated for more formal events, they can be combined with a nice dress and tights that will make you look stylish.

-Boots Cano Longo: It’s a boot without heels, to be used on colder days, as it tends to warm your feet well. It can be combined with leggings that are the same color as the boots, with shorts and tights, and it also looks great with dresses.

For those who don’t like to take a lot of risk when choosing shoes, or don’t want to invest in very specific looks, this model is quite versatile and combines with many styles, from dresses to pants. A tip for those who want to elongate their silhouette is to wear long boots with pants of the same color.

-Short Boots: This style of boots always comes and goes when it comes to fashion. One of its particularities when the same back is in evidence is its format, for example, instead of being rounded, it is a little flatter going to the square.

Applications, ties and studs can make your look much more fun and relaxed when worn with jeans or black pants.

But if your style is more on the romantic side, the idea is to bet on a dress (which can be a long or shorter size), a slightly thicker sock that will give your look an extra charm.

Another important issue is the textures. colors and finishes that deviate from the usual white, black and gray palette.

Ideal for winter days and also rainy days, the rubber model can be a good choice in addition to protecting your feet from the cold, it also leaves them protected from colder waters.

Remembering that it can be easily combined with tailoring pieces and longer coats. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite boot model and enjoy winter in the best style.

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