Jewel and the famous Halloween party costumes focused on SM Entertainment

halloween costumes

In the latest baby and SHINee’s key reality show, talk about two SM’s epic Halloween parties, their halloween costumes!

When the car was driving, two friends began to talk about their drinking habits, and the artists admitted that they didn’t like the SM entertainment. The key jokingly said, “because of my clothes, I can’t drink at the SM Halloween party.”

The baby sympathized with him and asked, “how long did it take you to make your make-up? “At 2017 square meters of Halloween disguised as the key to Marge Simpson, and baby dressed as Mario. The party is famous for its epic costume, and many fans look forward to watching the photos after the game.

The key said, “it didn’t take so long,” said the baby, “is it true? But you have to close your eyes, “it is how make-up makes him close his eyes to show the whole face of the character.

The key said, “I’ll do something more simple from now on.” But baby suddenly laughed, “Iron Man?” From the same square out of the Chanyeol epic steel man’s clothing reference. Baby added, “I heard he walked out of the dorm in such a dress… Because he can’t bend his knee [into the car]. ”

She continued, “I asked why EXO’s SUHO stood for a night, and he said he could not sit down.”

But the key said, “it did all the things to do.” a clip demonstrates how it opens and closes the true armor of iron man.

What’s your favorite SM town Halloween costume?

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