What were Nancy and Steve’s Halloween costumes in Stranger Things 2?

Tom Cruise from a high-risk company is a lazy Halloween classic: find some ray bans and a large white shirt and pull your socks to half of your shank and you can go. Tom Cruise “dances in his house in socks and skates over his house.” Tom Cruise is a iconic figure, and after 25 years you can still wear it to any costume party and people will know what you are. There is no name. But strange thing 2 took place a year after the adventure movie, so while Steve and Nancy’s clothes are not so recognizable in our modern eyes, they were right in the spirit of the times in 1984.

The couple played Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) and Lana (Rebecca de Monet), a wealthy high school student and a weekend hooker, and his parents were out of town. Although Steve’s black coat looked a little unimpressive (Cruise’s coat was gray), his face was dead. Lana’s best-at least until she throws her fist on it, she looks more like Carrie.

If you take a closer look at the back of the party, you’ll find a lot of references to pop culture in the 1980s: members of Cobra Kay of the Karate Kid, a couple of lunatics, Reagan, and the original magical woman of Linda Carter (lynda carter). All of this is better than Jonathan’s “a guy who hates going to a party,” but no one is as cute as a major quartet-in Ghost catch (ghostbuster). Even if no one wants to be Winston.

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