Askasu – exquisite Gothic fashions from Eastern Europe

Not long ago, underground fashion meant anything you could find or create with your own hands. Although still in many ways, but things have a long way to go, Gothic fashion has expanded to second-hand shops, shopping centers, and even the cities and countries that contain them on the edge. Internet access means access to retailers around the world. Although the Internet has changed the face of fashion, by fine-tuning, it has left enough room for real individuals to stay underground.

The popularity has also enabled online retailers to innovate, such as askasu, the end of the world, the shackles of the inspirational Warsaw company, Poland selling fashion individuals, not only at home, but also in Europe and the United states. “I sell and ship to many countries all over the world, but I have little opportunity to travel abroad,” explains the designer, Joanna Nowak. “It’s also very easy for me, as an individual artist, to do a fashion show here (Poland), dedicated to creating. After all, I was still shocked by what happened to my brand since last November. I have some cooperation programs with amazing artists from all over europe.”

Born in Lubin, in lower Silesia, Poland, Novak, she spent most of her childhood wandering around the library or in the forest. In 16, she moved to Krak W in the high school art learning. Novak does not accept any form of training in fashion, rather than describing her humble design as a desire to finish her own taste. “It started when I needed to sew my early teenage years.”. The impulse to create comes from my tastes, not what the mainstream stores have to offer. Although not long ago, online fashion shopping hardly existed.” Novak explained that her excellent sewing skills took many years to master. “I made simple things from my mistakes when I was a teenager. I have gained professional practice while men’s work. I’ve always been interested in the process of making clothes, so I took them apart. “It’s not difficult to get theoretical knowledge about how to sew.”.” She explained. “To see how big the fashion industry is, you can come to the conclusion that acquisition of learning resources is easy and that a degree is not necessary for a determined person.”. Self education saves me a lot of time. Thank you. I’ve started my own brand.”

Without a regular storage overhead, she slows down, behind the askasu designer management with manual workload, quality items. She also decided not to sell her merchandise wholesale, assuring that her clothes would always be reasonable prices as well as exclusive of her website. Despite the pain of avoiding a bossy rental store space, financing and getting equipment to start her business is not an easy job. Novak said, “a few hours later, this is all I have to do.”. I have a requirement to be responsible for daily work, so it is not easy. At the cost of an industrial sewing machine, I jumped at all costs and quit my job.

Novak’s trajectory of askasu. “A year and a half ago, I started this company, and I ran my facebook page, and later, at Instagram. I put together the results of each Poland photographer and model selection. My friend and my lover’s advice started my fan page. Novak didn’t plan to start a business at first. She put her heart into a passionate design. “Over the years, I’ve created it from a passion, not a career in the future.”.” What is her ultimate goal? “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a respected designer.”.” She wants to continue her company’s handiwork and elevate herself to a famous designer, but Novak hasn’t been looking for a business partner or designer. “I want to hire someone to help me with my tailoring,” she explains. “So I can continue to do manual work.”.” But it was not a pressing decision she was about to make, but a choice in her mind.

Askasu major sales management style, long chiffon dress and skirt behind. Her most popular breakthrough was lace underwear, and the most frequently asked was dark elf clothing. The main materials – cotton and chiffon – are very common and comfortable. Customers will not complain about the seamless combination of fabric and their way of life, and will not be able to wear, take off, and clean. Gothic designers often use lace in their designs, especially in combination with chiffon lace. Novak felt otherwise. “I’m afraid the lace into my design, can easily fall into the stereotypes or use it for kitsch. The key to my unique design is the frequent choice of lace shapes.” She describes her style as laces and semi transparent fabrics, providing a bar for the contrast between delicate effects and sharp lines. It’s my personal, sustained effort. It borders on the Gothic, but is not suitable for subculture, but brings new things, a bit extravagant, women.”

Her project is not influenced by ordinary women. As she has worked in Poland for many years, her network design has increased. Musicians often contact me first! She says. “I work for Night Falls from the lead singer of a young band. I hope I can do this kind of cooperation in the future, but I think I need someone to sew my clothes first. Another great form is the collaborative music, accompanied by my fashion show, the mixed residence of thecompressjah DJ. Dark, intense electronic music is refreshing because it doesn’t seem appropriate for the fashion show.

Since it has been creative, such as musicians, fashion designers, and other artists, to promote Gothic clothing, inspiration comes from many unexpected corners. “I am also inspired by the work of great fashion designers, what happens at the substitution site.”. These are the early collection of Givenchy Iris, Van Herpen, an Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Yiqing silver. There are at least twenty designers following me at Instagram. Every art that moves my sense of beauty can create a valuable impulse. Inexhaustible inspiration goes with models and photographers, each of which has its own beauty. Seeing their efforts to invest in their work, I feel envious, and I know they are constantly on their own.”

Askasu has also joined online retailers to focus on promoting longevity and sustainable growth in fashion groups. “My approach is based on several longevity elements,” Novak said. “Most of all, my clothing quality.”. I don’t pursue fashion, nor do I play a brief seasonal trend. I’m sure my clients will be able to wear these clothes for a few years. My pursuit of sustainability is the foundation of my career. Fabrics are also made by people I choose from a trusted store. Despite the hardships of running a small company, Novak still decided to keep the price reasonable. “I don’t want to put quality cost on the customer. I try to keep prices on my design, a level that many people can afford.”

Novak remained modest. She plans to remain strong, what can be considered the end of the world, and tend to be too saturated for the market. “I won’t stop where I am now.”. I will continue to develop. The theme of the harness is only a complement, and it is everything in the core of my style. I don’t take it like a closed item, but like this style can be expressed in the form. That’s why I’m not worried about any particular element disappearing.”

Even as an active businesswoman, she is still sweet and gracious: “I want to thank every fan and friend for what I’ve done.”. Without you, I wouldn’t be in today’s me! “

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