Heidi Klum joked about the terrible Halloween costumes this year

Although Halloween was more than two months old, Heidi Klum had prepared for her disguise. “I always start in the summer,” Klum, 44, told Newsweek and other reporters in video, American Got Talent on Tuesday, August 22nd. “Things are being built.”

Supermodel is her extravagant annual clothing, including Betty, Boop, forbidden fruit, crow, ape, Cleopatra, a 95 year old, recently dressed up as their own five clones.

“It takes a lot of time to build things, especially when I have a lot, you know, plastic sheets put on my face, changed my face, and they’re going to build it,” Klum explains.” If I have contact lenses, weird colors, they have to. Or do the teeth. Like I’m really going to the details. You know. Sometimes I change the shape of my ears.”

Her 2013 Dress Plus AGT judge, “when I was 95 years old, everything, everything, every joint, like my legs, everything.”… Everything is visual, and it’s skin 95 that gets old, so they have to do it for it.”

And Klum was full of gorgeous last year, and she chose this year’s celebration more scary expression.” This would be a terrible man. Because last year, you know, I don’t wear any clothes. “I have five people who will like me, and it’s hard to do,” she said.” So this time, I think I need to do some crazy things for me.”

“For me, [last year] was so easy,” she said. I like it! I just have my own make-up, and put my promo code wholesale halloween costumes on, magical! And this will never happen. I usually sit in the hair and make up for ten hours. It takes a long time.”

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